We strive to be extraordinary

The Sanctuary is not the ordinary cannabis dispensary. We strive to be extraordinary. Our business goal is to provide a community focused space for high quality cannabis products as well as artistic demonstrations and genuine human connection. The Sanctuary Dispensaries are owned and operated by local Las Vegas residents who have a passion for the community and are inspired in creating a space of togetherness.

We designed our dispensaries with the inspiration of Burning Man. The original founders of the now the Sanctuary were part of the burning man community. We had our first board meeting at the temple in burning man in 2014. This led to the inception of The Sanctuary.

In this modern world of social and political conflict, we believe in creating a vibe where our business is connection. We don’t judge anyone for who they are and we have crafted our dispensaries to be all inclusive and welcoming to those who appreciate the wonderful benefits of cannabis.

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We Promote

Health, creativity and well being.

Our core principles include:
Health and wellbeing.
Kindness and giving.
Sharing and growth.
Teaching and learning.
With open doors to all races, genders and religions.

We pride our cannabis for being high quality and at low cost. We believe in affordability to better provide relief to people regardless of their financial resources. Accessibility and inclusivity is important to us.

Currently we have two locations in Las Vegas. One in the art district downtown and the other located in North Las Vegas. Our dispensaries are staffed with knowledgeable and friendly budtenders who are excited to help people with a lot, a little or no cannabis experience. Our dispensaries will host many different events and will have the feel of an art exhibit, showcasing work by local artists. Come visit The Sanctuary. Together we will create a space where community and cannabis meet.


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