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We have launched In-Store Loyalty Stamp Cards


  • Loyalty points = cash. Effective 4/19/24
  • Customer must spend $40 subtotal to get a stamp.
  • Customer is only allowed 1 stamp per visit regardless if they spend $40 or $400.
  • Because we don’t have a small enough stamp yet, we are going to initial on the white dot.
  • When the stamp card is filled out, a member of the leadership team will view the customers’ last 14 transactions to make sure they qualify for the 40% off their next purchase. Trust but verify.
  • When the card is filled out, the customer takes it home and brings it back for the next purchase. They cannot use it the day they receive the 14th punch.
  • The customer’s account needs to be notated with the date they filled out their punch card. After every time a card has been filled out, we can delete the previous note about the last time they filled out their card.
  • If the customer is redeeming their 40% off, they do not get a new stamp card until the following purchase.
  • When the customer turns in the full card for their 40% off, please write their name and phone number LEGIBLY on the section dedicated for that purpose. The card will then be added to our raffle bucket.
  • Once per quarter, each store will select a card from the raffle bucket and the customer card that is pulled will win a gift basket with swag and product.
  • Employees are not allowed to participate because we get 35% off all our transactions.