13 Best Ways to Hide Your Weed

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In an ideal world, we would all be able to use weed openly, storing it wherever is most convenient. But unfortunately, weed is still highly stigmatized, and in most parts of the world, criminalized as well.

Many cannabis users live with roommates or family members who are hostile to weed, and for these users, hiding their stash is sadly necessary. A good stash spot for your weed will be entirely unsuspecting; it should not only hide it but also conceal the smell as well.

Make your stash scent-proof

There are multiple ways you can keep your stash scent-proof. Storing your weed in proper storage conditions should be your priority for quality’s sake as well.

Before hiding your weed stash, take one of the following steps to conceal the smell:

  • Wrap it tightly in cling wrap or foil
  • Bag it in multiple zip-lock bags
  • Airtight jars (Mason jars)

1. Highlighter

Hollowing out a highlighter is easy and is a great place to hold about a gram of cannabis. The cheaper the highlighter the easier it usually is to get inside.

To use a highlighter, first, you want to pop off the cap on the bottom. Next, remove the marker, put your bag of weed in the empty chamber, and close the bottom cap over it.

2. Outside the house

If you still live with your parents or have a landlord who is particularly anti-drug, your best bet is to hide your stash somewhere outdoors. Consider hiding it under a rock or in the garage or tool shed. The options outside are plentiful, just be sure to remember which rock you put it under!

3. Deodorant stick

It is easy to hollow out a stick of deodorant. Start by rolling the stick all the way up and pull it out, leaving you an empty container to put a sealed bag of weed in. This generally leaves enough room for a couple of grams.

4. Baked goods

If you have the house to yourself for a day or two, consider going on a baking spree and cooking up some tasty edibles. The baking process reeks, so you will want to be alone for it. Edibles will seem like normal baked goods and will smell like normal from a normal distance.

It is imperative to make sure that no one eats the edibles thinking they are normal baked goods. This has unfortunately happened many times so be sure to hide them well. It may even be a good idea to let any roommates or parents know that they are yours and that they should stay away. It may seem suspicious but it is better than the alternative.

5. Old electronics

Everyone has some old electronics lying around the house and fortunately for you, most of them are easy to take apart with a few simple screws. Battery packs are a great place to hide about a gram of bud, but if you require a larger spot for a bong or pipe, consider a hollow speaker that has a large amount of empty space.

Got an old computer that no longer works? One approach would be to unscrew off the backplate, stash some weed in the machine, and re-screw a couple of the screws, leaving the rest aside. This will hide the weed while also allowing you easy access. Do not do this with a working computer, as that could damage the machine or even be a fire hazard.

6. Clothing in the closet

Put your bag or small air-tight container of weed in the pocket of an old pair of jeans. Chances are nobody will go rummaging through the pockets of all your clothes. The only possible problem would be if your parents decide to wash the clothes you are stashing it in.

7. Your hair

Cannabis enthusiasts with long, thick hair or dreadlocks will want to consider this method. Try hiding your weed in a bun on top of your head. If you bobby-pin the baggie into place then it should remain secure for as long as you need. Nobody will think to check your hair, making this the best way to hide weed on your person. Using bagged weed is best for this method.

8. Coffee can

The pungent smell of coffee overwhelms the smell of cannabis and the texture of coffee makes the baggie of bud easy to hide at the bottom. Just keep the coffee tin in plain sight to not arouse suspicion.

9. A bag of pet food

Pet food has such an intense and stinky odor. Just be sure to wrap your weed up super well, because no one wants to smoke bud that smells and tastes like dog food. If you are the only one who feeds the house pet then hiding your well-wrapped stash at the bottom of the pet food bag will ensure that no one else finds it.

10. Weed in the toilet tank

Toilet tanks are not often opened and for that reason lands on this list. Lifting the lid on the back of the toilet reveals the tank, which is filled with clean water. Hide your weed in an airtight container that you trust, because the last thing you want is for your weed to get soaked.
With a proper container, your stash will just be floating on the reserved water. Make sure your waterproof container is not in the way of any of the toilet’s mechanisms otherwise it could cause some problems and blow your secret out of the water.

11. Safe

The easiest and most obvious solution, albeit potentially suspicious; keep your cannabis in an air-tight safe. Most roommates will respect your safe assuming there are personal valuables in there. Keep your safe under your bed away from your roommates vision for further protection from suspicion.

12. Stash book

Sometimes the best stash spots are in plain sight, having a hollowed-out book on a shelf will not look out of place and will allow for quick access to your cannabis when you need it. Some people sell these stash books, but they are easy enough to make at home with proper supplies.

13. Diversion can

These cans can be bought at most local headshops or online and they come in a variety of real brands such as Monster Energy, Arizona, or Coca-Cola. Choose your favorite drink to be your secret stash-can. They are also quite easy to make at home, however. Diversion cans are also convenient for taking on the go where they will not look out of place.

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