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Where to Hide Weed: 13 Secure Places That No One Can Access

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In an ideal world, we would all be allowed to use weed freely and store it anywhere we wanted. Unfortunately, weed is still extremely stigmatized and criminalized in most areas of the world.

Many cannabis users live with roommates or family members who are anti-weed, making it necessary for them to hide their stash. A good cannabis storage place will be completely unassuming; it should not only hide your weed, but also the fragrance.

Make your stash scent-proof

You can maintain your stash to be odor-free in a variety of methods. For the purpose of quality, storing your cannabis in proper storage conditions should be a top concern.

Try one or more of the following techniques to mask the scent of your cannabis stash before hiding it:

  • Wrap it in cling wrap or foil securely
  • Put it in multiple zip-lock bags
  • Airtight jars (Mason jars)

1. Highlighter

It’s simple to hollow out a highlighter, and it’s a fantastic spot to stash approximately a gram of cannabis. The cheaper highlighters are simpler to get into.

To use a highlighter, you must first remove the cap from the bottom. Remove the marker, then place your weed bag in the empty chamber and close the bottom cover.

2. Outside the house

If you still live with your parents or have a landlord who is extremely anti-drug, hiding your stash outside is your best chance. Consider burying it under a rock, hiding it in the garage, or in the tool shed. Outside, there are plenty of possibilities; just remember which rock you put it under!

3. Deodorant stick

It’s simple to hollow out a deodorant stick. Begin by rolling the stick all the way up and pulling it out, leaving an empty receptacle into which you may place a sealed bag of cannabis. This usually leaves enough space for a few grams.

4. Baked goods

Consider going on a baking binge and whipping up some delectable treats if you have the house to yourself for a day or two. You want to be alone while baking since it will stink up the whole kitchen. From a reasonable distance, edibles will seem to be typical baked products and will smell normal.

It’s critical to ensure that no one eats the delicacies, mistaking them for regular baked products. This has sadly happened before, so make sure they are securely hidden. It could also be a good idea to inform any housemates or parents that they are yours and should be left alone.

Although it may appear suspicious, it is preferable to the alternative.

5. Old electronics

Everyone has some old electronics lying around the home, and luckily for you, most of them are simple to disassemble with a few basic screws. Battery packs are a wonderful location to stash a gram of weed, but if you need a bigger area for a bong or pipe, look for a hollow speaker with a lot of empty space.

Do you have an old computer that isn’t working anymore? One option is to unscrew the backplate, stuff some cannabis inside the machine, then re-screw a few screws while leaving the rest aside. This will conceal the stash while providing easy access. Do not do this with a functioning computer, as it may cause damage or possibly a fire danger.

6. Clothing in the closet

Put your weed bag or tiny airtight container in an old pair of pants. Nobody is likely to go into all of your clothing’s pockets. The only issue that may arise is if your parents decide to wash the clothing in which you are storing it.

7. Your hair

This approach is ideal for cannabis users who have long, thick hair or dreadlocks. Put your stash inside a fashioned bun on top of your head to hide it. The baggie should stay secure for as long as you need it if you bobby-pin it in place.

Nobody will notice if you have cannabis in your hair, making this the ideal approach to conceal it. This approach works best with bagged weed.

8. Coffee can

The strong aroma of coffee drowns out the aroma of cannabis, and the smoothness of coffee makes it simple to hide the bud baggie in the bottom of the can. To avoid suspicion, keep the coffee container out in the open.

9. A bag of pet food

The stench of pet food is quite strong and unpleasant. Just make sure your cannabis is neatly wrapped since no one wants to smoke weed that smells and tastes like dog food. If you’re the only one who feeds the family pet, storing your well-wrapped stash towards the bottom of the pet food bag will ensure that no one else discovers it.

10. Weed in the toilet tank

Because toilet tanks are not frequently accessed, it is included on this list. The tank is opened by lifting the cover on the rear of the toilet, which is filled with clean water. Because the last thing you want is for your cannabis to become wet, hide it in an airtight container you can trust.

Your stash will just float on the water if you have an appropriate container. Make sure your watertight container doesn’t get in the way of any of the toilet’s mechanics, otherwise it might cause issues and leak your secret.

11. Safe

Keep your cannabis in an airtight safe, which is the simplest and most obvious method, but possibly suspect. If you have personal goods in your safe, most roommates will respect it. To further shield yourself from suspicion, keep your safe under your bed, out of sight of your roommates.

12. Stash book

The finest stash places are sometimes hidden in plain sight; a hollowed-out book on a shelf won’t appear out of place and will provide easy access to your cannabis when you need it. Some individuals sell these stash books, but with the right tools, they are simple to build at home.

13. Diversion can

These cans are available in a number of actual brands, including Monster Energy, Arizona, and Coca-Cola, and can be purchased at most local headshops or online. Choose your favorite beverage to serve as your stash can. They are, however, fairly simple to prepare at home.

Diversion cans are also great for taking on the go because they don’t stand out.

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