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17 Best Weed YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To

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As the cannabis business grows, so does the number of individuals interested in watching videos about weed. Despite the frequent interference of advertisers on YouTube, a flourishing cannabis community exists.

You may be a weed veteran that could learn more about cultivating, a newbie who wants to learn a mix of cannabis and culture or someone who is simply intrigued by the possibilities of weed. Regardless, YouTube offers a channel for everyone’s preferences and has evolved into a valuable educational and entertainment resource.

1. Weedmaps

Weedmaps is credited for putting cannabis on the map. You may enter your postcode on their website to get a full list of cannabis-related retail outlets. Their app is accessible on both Android and iOS, making life even easier. Weedmaps also has a YouTube channel where they post a variety of videos.

Product evaluations, strain showcases, and a variety of tutorials are all available on Weedmaps. Their strain showcases, which take an in-depth look at particular cannabis cultivars, are a highlight. The films are well-made and frequently include a key individual from the seed bank or the breeder, so you can get a firsthand look at how the strain was created.

2. That High Couple

Alice and Clark, who live in Hollywood, talk about their experiences getting high together. Topical conversations, stoner displays, and blog content are all featured in videos. One of their channel’s most appealing features is that some of their videos are exactly four minutes and twenty seconds long, resulting in snappy and short videos.

It’s ideal for viewing on the move or at home while rolling a few joints.

3. Mr. Canucks Grow

Cannabis cultivation needs expertise, determination, and knowledge of what to avoid. Cannabis plants are living, breathing things that can alert you when something isn’t quite right. One of the most important aspects of YouTube as a platform for cannabis material is that you can see exactly what cannabis should look like.

Mr. Canucks Grow videos, for example, provide firsthand cannabis growing instruction. If you need help putting up a tent for growing, installing in-line fans, identifying nutritional issues, harvesting, or anything else, Mr. Canucks probably has a video for you. Every video is masterful in weed growing tips, and each one is beautifully shot. You’ll undoubtedly learn something from the content, which is geared for both professionals and beginners.

4. Leafly

Leafly is a prominent online cannabis magazine, so this channel contains a lot of what you’d expect from one: product reviews, strain reviews, and a few mini-episodes about different aspects of the industry.

Overall, an excellent channel from a respectable cannabis brand, with relevant material for stoners of all sorts.

5. tokinGLX

Paul Tokin (tokinGLX) is one of the most well-known cannabis personalities on YouTube. He’s been creating videos for a while now, and his mission is to “spread seeds of One Love, one video at a time.” Paul Tokin is a Denver resident who films his toking exploits every day.

TokinGLX’s regular material also includes a few live streams. While Paul has provided hundreds of videos for the cannabis community, he has had to remove numerous videos owing to a YouTube crackdown on cannabis content in recent years.

6. Strain Central

Strain Central is a YouTube channel dedicated to dispelling cannabis myths and educating people about the plant. Josh, the host, stands out from the crowd by talking about his personal drug experiences and teaching others how to take tolerance breaks.

Strain Central has almost half a million followers, thanks in part to the regularity with which he uploads videos, which is generally once a week but often several times a week. The channel was taken down by YouTube in 2018, however, it was resurrected with the same sort of content.

7. TheCCC420

TheCCC420 is a weekly interactive show that explores many cannabis products and their applications, as well as many other elements of cannabis culture. Since 2010, they’ve been reviewing 420-friendly items on YouTube. They also have a weekly podcast and record music as Real Ones.

This channel has always had a heavy concentration on cannabis reviews, but it contains a little bit of everything for everyone. “We think that everyone should have safe access to top-quality medicines, as well as the information needed to optimize the advantages of cannabis,” their channel declares.

8. Cannabis in Canada

Check out Cannabis in Canada for quality cannabis material. Jason Wilcox’s channel provides patients with a range of entertaining and educational videos from cannabis business events and other pleasant activities in the northern portion of the continent. That said, this channel provides excellent insight into other elements of the cannabis community that those who are already familiar with weed may find interesting.

The channel also performs an excellent job with product evaluations, which might assist people who wish to grow their own cannabis. Patients are taught firsthand what it takes to be a cannabis grower on the Cannabis in Canada YouTube channel.

9. Ruffhouse Studios

RuffHouse Studios takes pride in being a cannabis culture hotspot. That assertion looks to be genuine based on their over 500 video library. Their most popular uploads are mostly about handmade treats.

Edibles have seen a considerable increase in popularity in recent years, as some users want to avoid the hazards of smoking. If you’re one of those folks, watching how to create infused shortbread or cannabutter rather than reading the instructions online can help you comprehend the process much better.

RuffHouse Studios offers a well-presented and well-edited overview of all that cannabis culture has to offer.

10. Coral Kamstra-Brown

“I believe in cannabis, and you should too,” says Coral, exemplifying everything she does on her YouTube channel. Whether it’s “Stoney Sunday” or “News Nug,” there’s a definite emphasis on portraying the positive impact cannabis may have on your life. The stigma around weed is progressively dissipating, and YouTube channels like Coral’s are doing an amazing job of promoting the cause.

Coral encourages her viewers to leave comments and offer her ideas on anything from where to go and what strains to smoke to where to get the greatest doughnuts. Coral Kamstra-Brown (previously known as Coral Reefer) is a channel that appropriately represents positive cannabis usage, with feel-good sentiments in every video.

11. The Munchies by Vice News

After viewing this delectable cannabis-infused culinary program, be prepared to have the cravings for yourself. The Munchies crew demonstrates how to prepare a variety of cannabis-infused meals.

Vice News, an online news organization, produces excellent cannabis coverage under the “The Munchies” brand. Cannabis is used directly in the culinary process on the cookery program. With this channel, the crew does an excellent job of producing high-quality content that is also entertaining to watch. Overall, this channel can assist patients around the country in better knowing how to prepare cannabis-infused foods.

12. Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Cervantes is a cannabis industry legend if you haven’t heard of him. He’s worked in the cannabis industry his whole career, long before it was legal in many areas. Jorge’s channel consists of many mini-episodes as well as visits to large grow operations and discussions about all elements of growing.

13. Growing Exposed

Jeremy Deichen has launched a new video series called Growing Exposed. Amanda Mackay hosts the show, which has been dubbed the MTV Cribs of the weed business. Growing Exposed has devised a novel method of exposing the once-closed world of business leaders’ secrets.

A part called Teachings of the Garden Sage features David Robinson, author of The Grower’s Handbook, who provides his knowledge in addition to garden tours. David has devoted his life to debunking cannabis misconceptions and teaching people about how plants develop.

14. Cannabis Training University

The Cannabis Training University is another cannabis-related YouTube channel that focuses on business. With their material, this network of educators wants to empower and educate cannabis users across the country.

To that end, CTU’s staff has produced a slew of cannabis-related videos for its YouTube channel. Even some guided lessons from their cannabis-centric training workshops are included in their YouTube material.

15. Cannabis Saves Lives!

Cannabis Saves Lives! is a YouTube channel that offers a look inside the field of medicinal cannabis. Patients may learn more about outdoor growing techniques from a real medical cannabis professional in this section. Furthermore, the channel has intriguing material about CBD and dogs, a growing trend as medicinal CBD becomes more widely available across the country.

Cannabis Saves Lives! producers do an excellent job pushing for medicinal cannabis as a medical-focused channel. Their team accomplishes this through a range of interviews, animated videos, and instructional pieces that serve to spread the word about the beneficial effects of cannabis on patients.

Users may view news pieces that serve to shine the emphasis on the benefits of medicinal cannabis through these advocacy-focused videos.

16. Haley 420

This YouTube channel has a lot of interesting and exciting footage, including Haley smoking out of a bong constructed entirely of starburst candy! Haley420’s video material consistently receives over a quarter of a million views, indicating that she is doing something right.

With that in mind, this channel has an almost entirely fun feel to it, and it’s probably best seen after a few puffs of weed.

17. Erick Khan

Erick Khan is one of the more laid-back YouTubers you’ll find, as well as one of the most consistent in terms of video creation. Khan has over 48 million views on his YouTube channel and broadcasts a variety of videos, ranging from discussing the rise in vape-related diseases to his personal smoking sessions, which people seem to love watching.

BONUS 18: Sanctuary (our Youtube channel)

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