17 Best Weed YouTube Channels

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As the cannabis industry continues to grow, so does the amount of interest people have in cannabis videos. Despite the regular advertiser intervention that takes place on YouTube, a thriving cannabis community has persisted.

You could be a seasoned stoner who wants to learn more about growing, a novice who wants to see a blend of cannabis and culture, or you could just be fascinated by the potential of weed. Regardless, YouTube has a channel to suit all tastes and has become an excellent source of both education and entertainment.

1. Weedmaps

Weedmaps has quite literally put cannabis on the map. Their website allows you to put in your postcode in exchange for a comprehensive list of cannabis-related retail locations. To make life even easier, the app is available on both android and iOS. Weedmaps is also uploading a diverse mix of content to their YouTube channel.

Weedmaps has strain showcases, product reviews, and a range of tutorials and how-tos. A highlight has to be their strain showcases, which take an in-depth look at individual cannabis cultivars. The videos are presented clearly and often feature a prominent figure from the seed bank or the actual breeder, so you get a first-hand breakdown of how the strain was developed.

2. That High Couple

Based in Hollywood, Alice and Clark share their experience of getting high together. Videos feature topical discussions, stoner showcases, and blog content. An enjoyable feature of their videos is that several of them are exactly four minutes and twenty seconds long which makes for short and snappy videos.

Perfect for watching on the go, or while rolling a few joints at home. The High Couple also streams live once a month for that personal touch.

3. Mr. Canucks Grow

Growing cannabis requires skill, determination, and knowing what to look out for. Cannabis plants are living, breathing organisms that do an excellent job of telling you when something is not right. One crucial aspect that makes YouTube the perfect platform for cannabis content is that you get to see precisely what cannabis should look like.

In the case of Mr. Canucks Grow, his videos offer first-hand advice on cannabis growing. If you need help setting up a grow tent, fitting in-line fans, spotting nutrient problems, harvesting, and much more, chances are Mr. Canucks has a video on it. Beautifully shot, every video is a masterclass in cannabis cultivation. With content aimed at both beginners and experts, you are bound to learn something.

4. Leafly

Leafly is a popular online cannabis magazine, so this channel has a lot of what you would expect from a magazine; product reviews, strain reviews, and a few mini-episodes about various subtopics in the cannabis industry. Overall a good channel from a reputable cannabis name, providing worthy content to all types of stoners.

5. tokinGLX

Paul Tokin (tokinGLX) is one of the biggest faces in the cannabis world on YouTube. He has been making videos for several years now, and is all about “spreading seeds of One Love, one video at a time.” Paul Tokin is a Denver native and makes videos every day of his toking adventures.

TokinGLX also includes a few live streams among his normal content. While Paul used to create daily content for the cannabis community but over the last few years had to withdrawal many videos due to a YouTube crackdown on cannabis content.

6. Strain Central

Strain Central is a YouTube channel developed to educate people about cannabis and break outdated stereotypes. Josh, the host, differentiates himself from the rest by discussing his personal experiences with drugs and educating others on how to take tolerance breaks.

Strain Central has nearly half a million subscribers and it is due in part to the frequency for which he uploads videos which is usually once a week and occasionally multiple times a week. The channel was removed by YouTube back in 2018 but eventually returned with the same type of content as before.

7. TheCCC420

TheCCC420 is an interactive weekly program focusing on different cannabis products and their uses, as well as many different aspects of cannabis culture. They have been reviewing 420 products on YouTube since 2010. They also do a weekly podcast and make music under the name Real Ones.

This channel offers a little bit of everything for everyone but has always had a strong focus on cannabis reviews. Their channel’s statement is “We believe that everyone should have safe access to top-quality meds, and the information necessary to be able to maximize the benefits of cannabis.”

8. Cannabis in Canada

For cannabis content from the north, check out Cannabis in Canada. The channel managed by Jason Wilcox offers patients a variety of fun and exciting content from the cannabis industry events and other fun activities from the northern part of the continent. That being said, this channel offers great insights into other aspects of the cannabis community folks already familiar with weed may find enjoyable.

The channel also does a wonderful job with product reviews that can help empower patients who want to cultivate cannabis for themselves. Throughout the YouTube channel for Cannabis in Canada, patients are shown firsthand what it takes to be a weed farmer. Cannabis in Canada does a wonderful job of integrating product recommendations and other helpful tips to ensure your cannabis experiences are top-notch.

9. Ruffhouse Studios

RuffHouse Studios pride itself on being a hub for cannabis culture. Based on their over-500 video catalog, that statement appears to be true. Their most popular uploads focus heavily on homemade edibles.

The market for edibles has grown significantly in recent years as some users want to avoid the potential dangers of smoking. If you are one of those people, seeing how to prepare infused shortbread or cannabutter makes the process far easier to understand than just reading the recipe online. Check out RuffHouse Studios for a well-presented and well-edited highlight of everything cannabis culture has to offer.

10. Coral Kamstra-Brown

“I believe in cannabis and you should too” is a statement that demonstrates everything Coral does on her channel. Whether that is “Stoney Sunday” or “News Nug”, there is a clear focus on trying to portray the beneficial influence cannabis can have on your life. The stigma attached to weed is slowly starting to lift, and YouTube channels like Coral’s do an excellent job of supporting the cause.

Coral actively encourages her audience to comment and send her suggestions on anything from places to visit and strains to smoke to the best doughnuts to eat. With feel-good vibes in every video, Coral Kamstra-Brown (formerly known as Coral Reefer) is a channel properly representing positive cannabis use.

11. The Munchies by Vice News

Be ready to get the munchies for yourself to enjoy after watching this mouthwatering cannabis-infused cooking show. The Munchies team shows you how to make cannabis-infused foods of all kinds.

Online news station, Vice News creates wonderfully cannabis content under the station’s “The Munchies” brand. The cooking show incorporates cannabis directly into the cooking process. The team does a wonderful job of providing a high-quality production with this channel, while also providing something enjoyable to watch. All and all, this channel can help patients across the country have a better understanding of how to cook with cannabis.

12. Jorge Cervantes

If you do not already know him, Jorge Cervantes is a legend in the cannabis industry. His whole career has been around cannabis, long before it was legal in many places.

Jorge’s channel is comprised of visiting huge grow operations, talking about all aspects of growing, as well as several mini-episodes.

13. Growing Exposed

Growing Exposed is a new video series produced by Jeremy Deichen. Coined the MTV Cribs of the weed industry the show is led by host Amanda Mackay. Growing Exposed has found a unique way to open up the once underground world, revealing the secrets of industry leaders.

In addition to garden tours, David Robinson, author of The Grower’s Handbook lends his expertise in a segment entitled Teachings of The Garden Sage. David has dedicated his life to dispelling the myths behind cannabis while educating people on how plants grow.

14. Cannabis Training University

Another business-focused YouTube channel within the cannabis community comes from the Cannabis Training University. This network of educators hopes to empower and educate cannabis consumers across the country with their content.

To do so, the team behind CTU has generated a ton of cannabis-related videos for their YouTube channel. Their YouTube content even includes some guided lessons from their cannabis-centric training seminars.

15. Cannabis Saves Lives!

This particular YouTube channel brings a view into the world of medical marijuana with Cannabis Saves Lives! Here patients can take a deeper look at outdoor growing techniques from an actual medical marijuana patient. Furthermore, the channel includes interesting content around CBD and dogs, a trend that has become more popular as medical marijuana expands around the country.

As a medical-focused channel, the creators of Cannabis Saves Lives! do a wonderful job advocating for medical cannabis. Their team does this through a variety of different interviews, animated shorts, and educational clips that help to share the positive impact cannabis can have on patients.

Through these advocacy focused videos, users can see news segments that help to bring the spotlight to the powers of medical cannabis.

16. Haley 420

This YouTube channel brings a great amount of fun and entertaining content such as Haley smoking out of a bong made completely of starburst candies! The video content from Haley420 regularly gets over a quarter of a million views, so you know she is doing something right.

With that in mind, this channel offers an almost exclusive entertaining feel and is perhaps best watched after a bit of cannabis has been consumed.

17. Erick Khan

Erick Khan is one of the most informal YouTubers out there, and also one of the most consistent in terms of providing the content. Khan has over 48 million views and posts a variety of videos that range from explaining the surge in vape-related illnesses, to his own smoke sessions, which people seem to enjoy viewing.

BONUS 18: Sanctuary (our Youtube channel)

Yes, we also have a Youtube channel – feel free to check it out 🙂

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