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9 Best Weed Cooking Shows to Try New Recipes Daily

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Cooking shows and food competitions have always had something special that captures your interest and keeps you hooked for hours. You’ll find lots of delicious food being cooked on a clock where the chefs extend their arms everywhere to have all the sauces, garnishes, temperatures, and spices in check. 

There’s something very exciting about what the chef will do next, and loads of learning along the way. So whether you intend to know some basics about cooking with weed or simply to enjoy the adrenaline rush and skills of some of the world’s amazing chefs, these shows are just for you.

From “Cooking on High” to “Bong Appetit,” here we are with the best weed cooking shows that’ll change how you look at weed-infused foods.

Top 9 Weed Cooking Shows

Here are the top nine weed cooking shows you should catch up on ASAP and learn about weed concentrates and other ingredients to infuse in your meals.

1. Cooking On High

There’s something about cooking competitions that pumps the mood. Netflix’s “Cooking on High” is a thrilling reality show that features two chefs creating unique dishes with cannabis on a timer. Every episode has two fresh new chefs and celebrity judges to decide on the best dish. 

‘Cooking on High’ started in 2018 and, to date, is the best cannabis cooking show on Netflix.

Although the airtime is only fifteen minutes for each episode, each second of the show is highly indulging. You’ll feel like you’re in it and enjoy the humor on the light side.

2. Cooked With Cannabis

Another blockbuster on Netflix is “Cooked with Cannabis.” The show features three chefs competing to make a complete three-course meal (infused with cannabis), and the winner takes off with a $10,000 prize. 

The show is hosted by Chef Leather Storrs (Chef and Cannabis connoisseur), Singer, and songwriter Kelis. Each episode features a different panel of judges like Jo Koy and Ricki Lake. All the funny talk, silly expressions, and love for food make the 30-minute-long episodes worth binge-watching.

The best part about the show is each episode is different and has higher stakes than the last one. Moreover, you also get to know and learn about CBD-infused butter, oils, and salts. 

Changing the judges for every episode keeps the fun alive. Plus, it’s not just about cooking with marijuana but general cooking too. 

An interesting fact about the show is that the production, “25/7 Productions,” headed by David Broome, known for his reality competition shows, had never gotten high before this show. He was in his mid-fifties then and only tried vaping once the production plan was in action.

3. The Pot Pie

Chef Brandin LaShea, “The Pot Pie,” another excellent cannabis cooking show streamed on PRØHBTD YouTube. In every episode, the host is accompanied by a surprise guest, creating edible-infused delights together. 

Each guest brings a bag of secret ingredients for the recipe. Usually, they invite celebrities and musicians only and hold a light conversation while stirring up some magic. Things get funny, exciting, and humorous throughout the episode, but the result is always a delicacy you wouldn’t wait to try out.

4. Bong Appetit

Now, here’s a cooking show with a twist. If you are interested in watching a variety of recipes from the premium high-end to routine gourmet cannabis-infused recipes, “Bong Appetit” is the one show we recommend. 

The show features different food cultures, from traditional and historical to the latest cooking trends all with cannabis-infused foods. Abdullah Saeed initiated the show in 2016. You can watch it on YouTube or Viceland today.

Bong Appetit: Cook Off

The latest season, “Bong Appetit: Cook Off,” features Vanessa Lavorato as its host. The judges are well-known celebs like Laganja Estranja, Wiz Khalifa, etc., who show their love for weed and keep the show fun, entertaining and alive.

The series follows a competition style where different chefs with diverse expertise combine their skills to create cannabis-infused wonders.

5. Chopped 420

You can watch “Chopped 420,” one of the best weed cooking shows today, that streams with a Discover Plus subscription. Again, it’s a competition show with premium-style cuisines prepared by top chefs. The key ingredients are THC chili oils, CBD honey, raw cannabis flower, etc.

It’s an excellent learning show for cooking with cannabis, giving you first-hand information about weed spices, strains, condiments, and how to use them in your meals. 

6. High Cuisine

High Cuisine” isn’t a show about cooking competitions or prizes; it’s a simple show highlighting cannabis-infused foods and includes a variety of dishes prepared by chefs Anthony Joseph and Noah Tucker.

Each episode features unique recipes for a multicourse meal, with all infused dishes. In the show, you also learn about medicinal and psychoactive herbs, psychedelics, mushrooms, and other variants of cannabis and their multiple uses in food, etc.

7. The Smoking Pot

Featuring on YouTube, “The Smoking Pot” is a fun show about learning to cook with cannabis. Hosted by Birdie Harrelson, the show features edibles, savory meals, and preparing main courses using cannabis.

It’s a light-on-the-mood; there’s no competition or judges, but much learning about using weed in food.

8. Edibles with Birdie

Another fantastic watch, again hosted by Birdie Harrelson, “Edibles with Birdie,” is a show about creating delicious roasts, desserts, and other treats while adding potency. 

The host often invites guests on the show, and together they create delicious dishes with edibles. So whether it’s a delight like baked Alaska, or the age-old treat, banana bread, you can uplift the ingredients giving them a slight THC-induced taste.

The show features on PRØHBTD.

9. Munchies

Although we can’t exactly count the show exclusively as a weed cooking show, “Munchies” is Vice media’s YouTube account with over sixteen million subscribers. Now all the shows here do not necessarily include weed, but most do, and the recipes are divine.


With legalization still in its nascent stages, there’s still a lot of ground to be covered by weed cooking shows. 

But, despite the niche, they’ve surely made their mark amongst the top cooking shows on Netflix, YouTube, Viceland, and PRØHBTD. Be it traditional food recipes or modern-day culinary art, cannabis is a strong presence in the world of cooking.  

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