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Why Does My High Go Away So Quickly? 6 Top Reasons

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The duration of a weed high can be different for everyone. Some describe it as an intense experience, while others don’t feel anything at all. For some, the euphoria only lasts briefly before they’re back to normal. 

Typically, a cannabis high can last up to 10 hours. The THC content, your metabolism, the amount you ingest, and how you consume it can greatly influence the effect of cannabis on your body. 

If your high goes away quicker than you’d like, don’t feel disappointed. Keep reading to discover why your cannabis high is shorter than usual and how to make it last longer.

How Long Does a Weed High Last?

A weed high can last two to four hours in the form of smoking or vaping. Still, various factors can influence the duration of your high. That includes your tolerance, the dosage, the method of consumption, and the strain’s potency.

For example, edibles can produce a high that can even last 24 hours. You can expect its effects to peak around two hours after ingestion. On the other hand, the effects of dabbing may only last one to three hours.

Why Does My High Go Away So Quickly?

Here are a few reasons your high may go away quickly.

You’ve Developed a Tolerance

You may have developed a tolerance by regularly and consistently using cannabis. Your body may be used to the presence of THC, leading to a shorter high than usual. Various biological and neurological adaptations must take place to create cannabis tolerance. 

For example, your brain may downregulate cannabinoid receptors and reduce THC sensitivity. As a result, it will demand higher THC doses to activate the same level of receptor activity for a longer high.

As your cannabis tolerance develops, your high will get shorter and shorter. That’s because your body gets more efficient at metabolizing and eliminating THC. 

You’re Smoking Old Weed or Bad Hash

The quality and potency of the strain can also shorten or lengthen your high. High-potency cannabis will create longer and more intense highs. This is due to the higher levels of THC or other cannabinoids present. 

Conversely, less potent cannabis will make your high dissipate faster. High-quality cannabis is grown with great care to maintain optimal levels of terpenes and cannabinoids. These contribute to a more complex cannabinoid flavor and aroma. 

Low-quality cannabis may have inconsistent cannabinoid levels or may have been improperly stored. This can cause the cannabinoids to degrade and result in shorter highs.

You Have a Faster Metabolism

Your metabolism can also influence how your body eliminates the effects of THC. Each individual’s metabolism is unique. Factors like age, sex, genetics, and health can determine your metabolism speed.

A faster metabolism will break down cannabis particles quicker than usual. As a result, people will faster metabolisms tend to experience shorter higher. 

After consuming cannabis, your bloodstream absorbs THC and carries it to various organs. Metabolism occurs in the liver, where enzymes break down THC into various metabolites. People with faster metabolisms have higher enzyme activity, eliminating THC much quicker. 

You’re Taking Smaller Doses

The amount of cannabis you consume can also influence the duration of your high. The dosage directly impacts the THC levels entering your system. In turn, it affects the intensity and duration of the high.

Of course, smaller doses of cannabis will result in shorter highs. That’s because lower doses don’t allow the cannabinoid concentration to reach the threshold needed for a longer high. Meanwhile, larger doses can create a more intense and sustained high.

You’re Smoking or Vaping

How you consume cannabis can greatly affect how long your high lasts. Different consumption methods introduce THC to your body through various routes.

When you smoke or vape cannabis, you may feel the effects kick in faster than usual. Inhaling cannabis allows the THC to enter the bloodstream through your lungs instead of the digestive system. This creates a rapid and short high. 

The high from smoking and vaping peaks at 10 to 30 minutes. You can expect the high to go away within one to three hours. 

Meanwhile, edibles and tinctures pass the THC through the digestive system. That means your liver must metabolize the THC before entering the bloodstream. This allows the high to last much longer than inhalation. 

Individual Factors

Everyone has a unique body chemistry, resulting in a unique response to cannabis. Your body weight, genetic makeup, health, and hormone levels can influence how you react to cannabis consumption.

Your weight can influence how your body distributes and stores cannabinoids. THC has an affinity for fat cells since it’s lipophilic, providing a longer high for those with more fat. These cannabinoids may remain in fat cells and release slowly over time.

Your liver function can also affect how the body processes cannabinoids. It’s responsible for metabolizing THC, so it may take longer to process if you have any liver-related issues. This can extend the duration of the high.

Other than that, genetic factors can also change the body’s response to cannabis. You may have variations in genes that code for cannabinoid receptors, enzymes involved in metabolism, or neurotransmitter systems. These can lead to quicker elimination of THC, creating a shorter high.

Hormonal fluctuations can also influence the effects of cannabis. For example, estrogen levels in women may affect the sensitivity of cannabinoid receptors. This may alter the duration of the high through different phases of the menstrual cycle.

How to Make Your High Last Longer

How to Make Your High Last Longer

Here are some quick tips to make your high last longer:

  • Look for strains with higher potency and THC content.
  • Avoid rapid and excessive consumption. Take time between hits or doses to allow your body to process the cannabinoids.
  • Opt for edibles or oral products.
  • Start with a lower dose to prevent overconsumption and extend the duration of the high.
  • Consider combining smoking or vaping with edibles or tinctures. This can provide a multi-faceted experience and prolong the high.


Several factors can contribute to the quick disappearance of a cannabis high. The method of consumption can greatly influence the onset and duration of the high. Smoking or vaping creates shorter highs, while edibles can have longer-lasting effects. 

Tolerance, body metabolism, and potency can also impact the duration of the high. Regular cannabis use may lead to tolerance, causing the high to wear off faster. Understanding these factors can help make informed decisions about cannabis consumption.

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