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How to Roll a Blunt: 6 Steps to Make Your Own Weed Cigarette

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Blunt rolling is no easy feat. Some people think rolling blunts are easier than rolling joints but that all depends on who you talk to. There is a learning curve to rolling blunts; it is not as intuitive as twisting up a joint.

The blunt wraps themselves can vary depending on what type you get and how old it is. With that said, there is no reason to be intimidated by rolling a blunt but there are some elements to it that you must learn first.

What is a blunt?

Blunts are not as iconic as a joint in the world of weed but they are similar. They both are essentially weed rolled up inside paper. The difference between the two is that blunts are made up of tobacco leaf paper, whereas most joint papers are made from plants like hemp, flax, rice straw, and others. This is what makes the unique qualities of a blunt, including the smell, effect, taste, and burn time.

Blunts are super convenient to smoke on the go like joints. Tuck them into the packaging you purchased them in which will protect them and seal in the aromas. Blunts burn slower than joints, therefore they will last more times around your smoking circle.

Some people appreciate the tobacco buzz you get from blunt wraps, while others value the wide selection of flavors available in a lot of wraps and cigarillos.

Items you need to roll a blunt

You will want all of your supplies ready before you begin opening your blunt package. You will need the following:

  • Blunt wraps or cigarillo
  • Knife or blunt splitter
  • Cannabis
  • Grinder
  • Tray or plate

The most commonly used product for rolling blunts is a cigarillo, which is a small cigar pre-filled with tobacco. The other type of blunt wrap is an empty tobacco leaf paper that usually comes with a plastic tube inside to preserve the shape and structure of the blunt in its packaging. The reason cigarillos are preferred is that the pre-filled wraps maintain a better shape than un-filled ones and they also maintain a better moisture level.

With that said, any cigarillo or un-filled blunt wraps will do, but try and buy one that is not completely dried out, as it can break easier and be harder to roll. It is hard to tell what you are getting with un-filled wraps until you open them up. With cigarillos, you can get an idea of how dry it may be by simply feeling the wrap in its packaging, squeezing it slightly. You can usually tell based on if there is any “give” or not. It is very easy to find blunt wraps at any liquor store or gas station.

Cigarillos that you can commonly find in stores include:

  • White Owl
  • Swisher Sweets
  • Dutch Masters
  • Black & Mild
  • Phillies

How much weed should you put in a blunt?

Blunt wraps are larger than your average joint paper so you will have to use more cannabis to fill it properly. Commonly, 1-3 grams should be sufficient for a blunt, depending on how fat you want it. Consider how many people will be in your smoking circle.

Instructions for rolling a blunt

Instructions for rolling a blunt

Step 1: Grind your weed

Grind up a few grams of weed before you do anything else. Blunt wraps can tend to dry out quickly so you do not want to linger with a split blunt sitting out.

Grinding your weed with a grinder is the best way to break up your buds into small uniform pieces. This is crucial to having a blunt that burns evenly and hits smoothly. If there is no grinder around to use then, carefully break apart your weed using alternative methods.

Step 2: Split the wrap

Every cigarillo should have a “vein” on it. This is the indicator of where to split it. The vein is the seam where the manufacturers have connected the blunt and it can take some practice to learn how to find it each time. Use a knife or a blunt splitter to open up the blunt vertically, top to bottom.

You can also use your hands to split the blunt but this can lead to an uneven split which will make rolling slightly more challenging. The best way is to use a knife or blunt splitter. After opening the cigarillo, empty out the tobacco. If you are using an empty wrap then you can skip this entire step because they come already split and have zero tobacco to discard.

Step 3: Moisten the wrap

Getting the wrap slightly wet or moist makes it more flexible and easier to roll. The majority of blunt smokers will lick the wrap all over but you can also just use some water. Just do not soak the wrap or else it will become too soggy to use.

Step 4: Load the blunt

Load your ground-up weed into the wrap. It is effective to use a credit card to shovel the weed inside but you can also as easily use your hands to scoop it. Pack it as full as you can because a small amount will fall out in the process. Experienced blunt rollers will pack the center of the blunt fatter than the ends because the blunt will even itself out through the process of rolling.

Step 5: Roll the blunt wrap

After loading the blunt with weed, take it between your fingers and roll it back and forth gently to begin shaping it. At this step, if the blunt is not moist enough then it may break.

Next, fold one edge of the wrap underneath the other edge and then lick the entire inside of the open edge. You can put some water on your fingers and rub them along the open edge if you do not want to lick it. Smooth out any uneven areas. If the blunt cracks or a stem comes through to poke a hole during this step, you can use the adhesive strip from a joint paper to patch it shut.

Step 6: Seal your blunt

Fold the open edge of the wrap over the top of the tucked-in edge. This should stick as long as you licked it enough or used enough water. Use water or lick the seam of the blunt shut so that it does not start to peel apart while smoking. This can be a common mistake for new blunt rollers.

Take a lighter and light the seam that you just sealed with moisture in order to further close it and dry it so that the blunt burns evenly.

What is a vortex blunt?

A relatively new product to the blunt game is a vortex blunt. It is similar to a regular blunt except it has an inner sleeve made of tobacco paper with a rod inside, so whenever you finish rolling, you simply remove the rod and have a hollow joint. The inner hole allows for more airflow and a much smoother hit.

The beauty of a vortex blunt is that anyone can roll one with a little practice. Not only do these particular blunts offer high-quality flavor, but they also pack your weed as tightly as possible. Therefore, getting the perfect drag will never be an issue.

Vortex blunt wraps come with directions on the back that are easy to follow regardless of rolling experience. Typically, vortex blunts can hold about a gram of cannabis, but half a gram will do just fine.

The steps to rolling a vortex blunt are as follows:

  1. First, open up the packaging and pull out a blunt. Open the blunt. You should see the stick that you pull out at the end. As evident, there are two sides of the stick where you can place your weed. For the best results, spread your weed evenly on both sides. Be sure to tuck one side while working on the other.
  2. After placing all of your weed inside the wrap, it is time to begin rolling. Begin by tucking in one side and from there simply start rolling. Roll, tuck, roll, tuck, and repeat.
  3. Before finishing, lick the remaining edges so that everything will remain intact. Once you are done, pull the stick out, light it up and enjoy.
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