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How To Use a Nectar Collector Weed: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Once you level up from the days of joints and bongs, you may have found a new home in doing dabs. With some of the highest amounts of THC of any cannabis product, dabs like wax, shatter and resin are sure to leave not just a noticeable high but one that you will never forget (or remember). Your standard dab rigs may come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but one of the latest to hit store shelves takes dabbing in a whole new direction.

Enter the Nectar Collector: The relatively new faces of the dabbing community who have already turned the classic device upside down. No really, it’s vertical. But would that inhibit the functionality of the dab rig? Wouldn’t that make it harder to use without burning yourself? No and no, as it turns out. The creative yet simplified design of the Nectar Collector allows for easy carrying and storage without cutting corners in terms of functionality.

To explain in detail what makes the Nectar Collector a dabbing game changer, let us break down exactly how it works and what it does to improve the best parts of your standard rig.

What is a Nectar Collector?

What is a Nectar CollectorFor ease of recognition, but what might be confusing for some, the Nectar Collector shares the same name as the company who makes it. Founded in 2011, two canna enthusiasts named Jefe Z and Kristian Merwin were just looking for a way to simplify their dabbing experience. As it turns out, they are geniuses!

Their first major breakthrough was the Honey Badger Straw, which created a simplifying and worthwhile tool to every dabber (if that’s a word)’s arsenal. But their experimentation did not stop there, thankfully. Kristen thought of a particularly sleek design through a series of sketches and went straight to his workshop to build it: And thus, the Nectar Collector was born.

Nectar Collector vs. Dab Pens

Despite their very similar shapes and functions, the outcome you get from the Nectar Collector is pretty different from the standard dab pen, most notably in the heating chamber. The Collector does not have a chamber like a vaporizer or dab pen because you just heat the tip and apply it to your concentrate.

This is also where the Nectar Collector cuts ahead because you are literally taking everything from a dab rig and streamlining it into a portable straight shot. Yes, dab pens are also one-handed rigs and most are amazing but you never get the maximum heat because of the electronic heating element that cannot overheat without damage.

How to Use a Nectar Collector

The Nectar Collector takes an entire dab rig and creatively condenses it into a literal pen-sized dabbing system with less than half a dozen pieces. Once you bring it home for the first time, the Collector takes less than a minute to put together and is ready to use right then and there.

The (Necessary) Pieces

The components of the Nectar Collector are extremely simple, which is why it’s a dabbing masterpiece. Unboxing the 14mm Collector, for example, is as simple as filling the chamber with water (to keep from overheating and burning to the touch), connecting the mouthpiece to the north end of the chamber and connecting the dab straw on the other end.

Believe it or not, the hardest part is over. That is all you need to do to piece your rig together. The collector works the exact same way as a standard dab rig beyond this point except it is much easier and is a straightforward shot from the dab to your mouthpiece. 


As mentioned, the rest of the process is nothing you haven’t seen before if you are experienced with dabbing. If you are not familiar with how it works, you simply light your concentrate with a superheated dab nail so that it melts and builds vapor for you to inhale.

What you cannot do with the standard dab rig is torch the nail and breathe the smoke all in one go. However, the Nectar Collector makes this easy by just adding the hollow tip to the end of the chamber, once heated, torching your tray of concentrate with the dip and (no pun intended) collect all the smoke in one fluid motion.


To make things even easier, there are only two steps to actually using the Nectar Collector. 

  1. Heat the end of the tip with a blow torch for 45 to 50 seconds, but allow it to cool for about 12 seconds so you do not completely burn the dab or yourself.
  2. Gently touch the tip of the Collector to your awaiting concentrate and inhale from the mouthpiece. Exactly like a bong, the smoke passes through the water chamber to prevent things from overheating and the connected mouthpiece gets the smoke to your brain as fast as possible.

It has never been easy to dab thanks to this design and because the filtering water chamber is only half the size of a bong chamber, very little to no smoke or potency is lost along the way.

Advantages over the Dab Rig

Admittedly, the Nectar Collector is more expensive than the standard dab rig at around $200 for its classic model but each one is expertly crafted with quality materials and comes in a display-slash-storage case to always keep it safe. No quality or quantity is smoke due the Collector’s portable size, which is entirely a plus for being easier to store, use and clean.

What is the economical option for Dabbing?

If you are craving the unrestrained high of a dab but restrained in the finance department, this is what you do: Invest in a glass setup. You might be wary to buy an all-glass dab rig because of possible damage, but it is fire resistant, sturdy when handled properly and the most inexpensive material that dab rigs are made of (same with bongs).

If you like to dab but are craving an easy experience without having to make space for a clunky, elaborate dab rig, then now would be the perfect time to check out the Nectar Collector.

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