50 Jobs That Do Not Drug Test [+12 Companies]

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There is a good chance that you have had to take a drug test for employment purposes at some point in your working life or that you may have to in the future. An estimated 56% of American employers require some form of drug testing.

The legalization of cannabis has helped spur the conversation around the usefulness of drug testing, and American companies are beginning to take notice. Certain types of jobs regardless of the company still have mandated drug screenings, however, you can often find high-paying jobs with tremendous responsibility without worrying about urine or blood test results.

1. Chef

Expertly preparing great meals takes a lot of skill and creativity, but it does not usually require drug testing. Relatively few restaurants can spare the expense or impact on the morale of testing the
chef for drugs or alcohol.

2. Restaurant Manager

Overseeing food, beverage, and hospitality operations is a role packed with responsibility. Restaurant Manager jobs require providing customers with outstanding service and dining experiences within a restaurant’s well-planned budget, which usually does not leave much room for costly drug screening.

3. Caterer

Just like chefs, the only important factor that a caterer job requires is having the creativity and being able to prepare palatable dishes that can encourage people to seek their services.

4. Server

Most restaurants are unlikely to require a drug test for their serving staff. They will expect you to be drug-free on the job but are unlikely to care what you do in your own time.

5. Accountant/Bookkeeper

Although a lot of companies test all employees or potential new hires for drugs, working in an accounting-related occupation can allow you to be your own boss and avoid such requirements. With your own business, you can choose your clients and contract out your services on your terms.

6. Information Technology (IT) Consultant

Nearly all organizations today rely on computer systems. But sometimes they do not have the right in-house staff to solve certain technical problems or provide advice about new projects. IT consultants usually get to help a variety of different clients without ever having to provide urine samples to do so.

7. Audio Recording Engineer

Music studios are often fun work environments, especially since they attract a diversity of talented artists and producers. Plus, many employers that offer music industry jobs care much more about your reliability and creative and technical skills than they do about what you choose to do during your off time. It is also possible to freelance in this vocation or even run your own studio or mobile recording service.

8. Event Planner or Consultant

Your creativity, organization, and attention to detail are what truly matter in this occupational area. What you do on your own time is usually of no concern, especially as a self-employed event specialist. What counts is helping your clients throw memorable and satisfying special events that go as smoothly as possible.

9. Computer Programmer

Many companies that have drug-screening policies do not apply them to all departments. Oftentimes, IT staff members, such as programmers, are exempt from such policies since their jobs do not involve putting anyone at risk of injury. But a lot of programmers also freelance their services on a client-by-client basis.

10. Mobile Applications Developer

This type of specialized programmer is in high demand across several different industries. As a result, many organizations choose to exempt mobile app developers and similar tech pros from drug-test policies to make it easier to attract potential talent. A lot of app developers also work from home on a freelance basis.

11. Web Designer/Developer

Attaining the skills to build professional websites is another way to allow yourself to work in the in-demand tech sector without being subject to drug testing. Like many other tech pros, web developers and designers often choose to stay self-employed or remain very selective about the employers they work for.

12. Graphic Designer/Illustrator

It is fairly rare for companies to require drug screening of creative professionals like designers. They tend to care a lot more about talent and your ability to collaborate and meet deadlines. Plus, graphic design and illustration are services that you can build your own business from.

13. Video Game Designer

Most companies that develop video games offer fun and progressive workplaces. And few of them test employees or job applicants for drugs. Instead, they often strive to build creative teams of designers and other professionals who are willing to experiment, share ideas, and collaborate.

14. Computer Animator or Visual Effects Artist

Like video game designers, professionals in the field of 2D or 3D animation and special effects usually are not asked to take any drug tests. The studios they work in often prefer to maintain a spirit of openness and collaboration.

15. Film Producer

Producing movies or videos takes creativity, planning, organization, cooperation, and commitment. But, in most cases, it does not involve having to provide samples for urine or hair follicle testing.

16. Fashion Designer

You are unlikely to encounter much drug testing in the fashion design field. Whether you work for yourself or as part of a studio that designs clothes or accessories, the main focus is generally on creating new, distinctive, and marketable looks in time for industry fashion shows, client meetings, or other opportunities.

17. Interior Designer

Creating new looks for interior spaces can be highly enjoyable. It is something you can do as a freelancer. And relatively few design studios ask their staff or potential employees to submit to drug screening.

18. Photographer

Most photographers are freelancers. They work for themselves and choose the clients and projects they wish to work on. But even among those who are employed as staff photographers, few are ever required to undergo substance testing.

19. Cosmetologist

Hairstylists, nail technicians, and other beauty professionals work in a field where drug tests are pretty uncommon. After all, self-employment in this service trade is very prevalent. And although some salons and other employers in the industry do have screening policies, it is fairly easy to find ones that do not.

20. Skin Care Specialist

Many spas and skincare clinics provide opportunities to qualified estheticians without requiring drug testing. And this part of the beauty sector also offers the chance to build your clientele without being employed by someone else.

21. Makeup Artist

Whether for purposes of entertainment or personal beauty, makeup artists get to have fun transforming the way other people look. And like in other creative vocations, your chances of encountering employment drug screening are relatively small compared to other career areas.

22. Actor

A unique skill set is needed for this job, taking a drug test however is not. Actors embrace their inner-creativity to assemble characters and make them come to life on the stage or screen; sounds like the perfect job for THC.

23. Dog Trainer

Dogs are extremely popular pets, but their behavior can sometimes be disruptive or dangerous. So companion animal instructors play important roles in training dogs and their owners about positive behaviors such as obedience. And they do not typically have to worry about drug tests since they tend to be self-employed.

24. Personal Fitness Trainer

It is very common to be your own boss in this active occupation. Plus, some gyms and fitness clubs do not have drug-testing policies, so you may be able to find steady work in a place you enjoy without being concerned about undergoing screening.

25. Floral Designer

Can you picture being able to arrange colorful bouquets and other floral displays every day? It is a fun vocation that brings good cheer to people. And many jobs in this field come without employer-mandated substance testing, especially those offered by independently owned flower shops.

26. Journalist

Some big media companies do test current or prospective employees for drugs. However, a lot of journalism jobs can still be attained at media organizations that have abandoned their screening policies or never had them to begin with.

27. Real Estate Agent

Most real estate agents work as independent contractors, not as employees. They are rarely if ever, subjected to drug testing by the agencies they are associated with. But it is still a good idea to double-check with your state to make sure that such screening is not part of the licensing process.

28. Writer

There are many kinds of writers: copywriters, technical writers, screenwriters, non-fiction and creative-fiction authors, and plenty more. And since some of them are employed by organizations as staff writers, drug testing may be a reality for a few of them. But the majority of writers are self-employed and do not have to undergo any screening.

29. Car Sales Agent

Any car sales agent would need qualities such as good communication skills and great convincing power to be able to close a deal. Whatever a car sales agent does after work is not the concern of the employer as most of these agents are being paid on a commission basis only and are treated as independent contractors.

30. Online Tutor

There is a high demand for Online English tutors, especially among Korean nationals. And since working with these individuals is done online, there is no need to undergo drug testing.

31. Social Media Marketing Manager

With the involvement of the internet for most of the business nowadays, most companies seek to hire individuals who can best represent their companies on the web so that their companies, together with their products and services, can be recognized.

32. Online Vendor

Being your own boss has several perks and one of them is not having to go through any drug testing. You just need to upload the items you are selling online, wait for inquiries, and ship them out to customers.

33. Bartender

Bartenders are similar to foodservice employees in that they do not often get tested. Especially because they serve a controlled-substance, companies must find it a bit hypocritical to potentially reprimand bartenders for what they do after work.

34. General Contractor

Among companies that do not drug test, the best is the company that you own yourself as a general contractor. You would need to carry general liability insurance, worker’s compensation, and obtain a contractor’s license to operate in most states, but there will never be a drug test if you make this your career choice.

35. Master Grower

A master grower is responsible for overseeing the entire operation including planting seedlings, cloning, pest management, crop nutrition, greenhouse equipment, cultivation, harvesting, and employee management. Additionally, you will also be required to have interactions with state compliance officials and the local police.

36. Budtender

A budtender operates as a specialist on all things cannabis-related. Many good budtenders can tell a customer all about strains, their potency, and can help them to find something that may be suitable for their needs. Budtenders require certain people skills as well as the capacity to stay up to date with changing inventory as well as overall trends.

37. Greeter/Receptionist

A greeter must be friendly, sociable, and understand the nuances of customer service. In this position, the primary responsibilities would include greeting customers, ensuring the timely transfer of calls as well as ensuring the area is nice, neat, and welcoming.

38. Temporary Services

A company may go through a temp agency that supplies them with a list of temporary contractors that can provide work for a temporary amount of time. Temp employees often do not get drug tested.

39. Construction

Construction workers are not expected to take drug tests unless they either hurt themselves or others while at work and are planning to claim a lawsuit against the company they work for. Workers who use heavy machinery consistently may be asked to take a drug test before being hired for safety reasons.

40. Landscaping

A landscaping job in which the employees are often working outside for the entirety of their shift certainly has no reason to enforce drug tests. Similarly to construction, if an employee hurts themselves and tries to blame the company, then the company will immediately drug screen said employee.

41. Dancers/Exotic Dancers

The profession of dancing both artistically or exotically is one that does not get drug tested. Competitive dancing however may drug screen, especially for performance-enhancing drugs.

42. Drivers For Hire

Uber or Lyft drivers do not have typical bosses or even workplaces as do most jobs. Everything is done remotely and therefore drug testing is not enforced.

43. Food Delivery Drivers

As with all the other food service jobs or even the remote taxi service jobs, testing for delivery drivers is seldom enforced. Testing an employee who is rarely at the food place is not necessary and a waste of time and money.

44. Electrician

Electricians that are independent contractors do not get tested. Electricians who are employed by private companies however may be tested.

45. Plumber

Plumbers that are independent contractors do not get tested for drugs.

46. Canvasser

Canvassers are commission-based employees who go door-to-door to either sell merchandise or register people for charitable or political agendas. Canvassers are subjected to background checks because they have to go to people’s homes, but they are not drug tested.

47. Auto Mechanic

Some big companies may test their employees for drugs, but most auto shops do not test their employees.

48. Locksmith

We have all needed a locksmith at some time in our lives. Luckily for them, they are not tested for drugs in large part because they often are not in offices around other employees. Therefore what they do with their own time has no bearing on anybody else.

49. Farmer

Farmers are usually their own bosses and therefore do not have to drug test for any company. Farmhands that work for the head farmers also are not drug tested.

50. Dishwasher

Similarly to the other food service jobs, dishwashers are not required to drug test. Frankly, restaurants notoriously have difficulty with keeping dishwashers around which gives them less incentive to potentially restrict the number of eligible candidates.

12 Companies That Do Not Drug Test

Finding a comprehensive list of employers that do not do any drug screening might be impossible. After all, most companies that do not drug test prefer to stay quiet about it.

That said, a few major companies are suspected of not having any drug-testing requirements. These sources have usually been current or former employees of those companies. But it is important to remember that the drug-screening policy of any given employer is always subject to change.

Here are a few large companies that have been mentioned by current or former employees as being places where drug testing is uncommon, does not exist, or is only done for those who drive or operate heavy machinery.

1. Google

While it is notoriously difficult to get hired on at the tech giant, Google does not drug test its employees. This is in part to do with the fact that their headquarters is located in cannabis-friendly California, but also because the company would rather employ the most innovative people than the “straightest.”

2. Chipotle

The popular burrito chain employs over 64,000 people at hundreds of US locations and drug tests none of them. Chipotle has made Forbes’ list of best companies to work for multiple times, providing health benefits, education, and bonus programs that are more generous than competitors in the industry.

3. Apple

In keeping with its compatriots in the tech industry, Apple has no known drug testing policy for any of its employees. Apple wants to hire people who excel at their jobs, and the company recognizes that zero-tolerance drug testing policies further limit an already small talent pool.

4. Starbucks

The massive coffee retailer does not utilize drug testing for any of its workforce, from its thousands of retail employees to store managers to regional directors. In addition to a competitive benefits package, Starbucks also offers substantial employee discounts on their products, making them a potentially ideal workplace for coffee and tea enthusiasts with a knack for customer service.

5. Microsoft

Not to be outdone by competitor Apple, Microsoft does not drug test its employees. Again, they are after innovative thinkers, so as long as you come bearing a strong portfolio or resume, a positive drug test will not keep you from working for the tech titan.

6. Whole Foods

No drug test required here, just a love of food and a willingness to educate yourself and others about it. If you are into food and beverages but are not interested in a traditional restaurant job, a position at high-end grocery chain Whole Foods might be perfect for you.

7. Michael’s

Michael’s offers a relaxed atmosphere working around varied crafting materials and have no drug testing mandate. A position with the creative supplier might be appealing to people who prefer a quiet, easygoing workplace.

8. Petsmart

At Petsmart, you will not need to pass a drug test to spend your workday with animals of all shapes, sizes, and species. The store offers a wide range of positions, from retail associates
to stockers to grooming specialists. An ideal career for animal lovers, a position at Petsmart will allow you to learn on the job while getting to interact with and care for a variety of animals.

9. Dick’s Sporting Goods

If you are the outdoorsy type who goes camping, cycling, kayaking, fishing, hiking, or other sporty activities, a job at Dick’s offers the opportunity to work closely with
like-minded individuals in an active environment.

10. Target

The familiar supermarket has made some big changes to their drug-testing program in recent years: aside from warehouse and loss prevention employees, Target does not require drug testing for any of their workers. This makes the company an excellent resource for jobs that do not drug test. The company also tends to pay a higher starting salary relative to comparable chains and offers significant benefits for full-time employees.

11. Qualcomm

A very competitive company to get into, much like its competitors, this tech company values intellect and creativity over rigid regulations. Qualcomm is as modern and progressive as any other company out there.

12. Gap

Gap is a worldwide clothing and accessories retailer. Its headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. So naturally, it is safe to assume testing for drugs, especially weed, is not in their repertoire.

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