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19 Best Cartoons to Watch High: Level Up Your Fun Night

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There are numerous cartoons that just play so beautifully when you are high on cannabis, whether it’s because of the style of animation, the eccentric characters, or the outright ridiculous stories. Here is a rundown of some of the greatest stoner-friendly animated shows to watch.

1. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

The concept of Aqua Teen Hunger Force is difficult to describe. Trying to explain the characters makes it sound like the show’s writers were high when they created it. The characters are illogical, the narrative is frequently strange, and the animation style prides itself on ridiculing itself.

All of these factors combine to make Aqua Teen Hunger Force so enjoyable to watch while high. After a couple of joints, this bizarre show will start to make sense. So go ahead and light up to see for yourself.

2. Family Guy

Family Guy is one of the few TV sitcoms with a strong connection to stoner culture. Aside from the occasional cannabis advocacy, the fact that Family Guy was the go-to program for weed users in the early 2000s explains why the show is so inextricably linked to stoner culture.

The non sequitur comedy, iconic musical numbers, and general stoner-friendly narrative lines make this one of the best shows to watch when stoned.

3. Looney Tunes

An outstanding classic that includes all of the necessary components to keep even the most jaded of audiences delighted. Outlandish animal personalities may appear to be based in reality at first, but they rapidly defy the odds and routinely avoid death. It’s also a binge-worthy classic because the episodes are short and simple.

Looney Tunes will take you back to your carefree childhood days and fill you with happy feelings while you puff on a joint.

4. The Simpsons

The Simpsons, despite being the longest-running prime-time program in the United States with 31 seasons, is still hilarious after all these years and may be the best-animated television series of all time. The Simpsons have always been a go-to show for stoners who want to relax on the sofa and smoke a big bowl of weed.

There are few things more enjoyable than getting stoned and watching your favorite adult cartoon while laughing heartily. The Simpsons have never failed to provide smiles and amusement to the audience, especially when cannabis is mentioned in the plot.

Matt Groening has not made much of an effort to hide his characters’ drug use, which is one of the reasons stoners adore the Simpsons.

5. King of the Hill

King of the Hill was a Fox animated comedy created by Mike Judge that aired from 1997 to 2010 and became one of the world’s most beloved animated comedies during that time.

Hank Hill, a propane salesman in Arlen, Texas, is the focus of the show. This program is amusing for a variety of reasons, but the finest clip for any cannabis user is from the episode “High Anxiety,” in which Hank unintentionally smokes a small amount of a joint and freaks out. Stoners have a cult following for King of the Hill, and for good reason.

6. Rick and Morty

There is always a subtle innuendo or hidden reference in a Rick and Morty episode no matter how many times you see it. There are obvious gags, and then there are inside jokes that only die-hard fans will get. The problem is that the performance might be tough to get into, especially if you arrive late and your buddies have a head start.

Light up the bong, watch the first few episodes, and before you know it, you will have a better understanding of this bizarre animation.

7. Regular Show

This show is about two 20-year-old groundskeepers who work at the same neighborhood park. They get up to all the typical mischief that a teenager-turned-adult gets up to. A raccoon and a blue jay are the two major characters.

The program follows the two friends’ struggles and tribulations as their lives shift from straight-up sci-fi action to fantasy-themed horror. Regular Show is for you if the notion of eating a chocolate version of your friend after a wicked witch abducts them on Halloween seems like a fun night out.

8. The Ren & Stimpy Show

Ren & Stimpy is a Nickelodeon animated series that aired from August 11, 1991, until October 20, 1996. Ren depicts the tense, mildly stressed corporate machine to which so many of us succumb. Stimpy, on the other hand, is the carefree, fun-loving buddy we all wish we could be more like.

Whether you identify with the characters or not, the situations Stimpy finds himself in and the way Ren reacts are eerily realistic. When you add cannabis to the mix, The Ren & Stimpy Show is one of the few cartoons that will make you laugh out loud.

9. Adventure Time

Adventure Time is a show that displays modern animation style yet preserves the essence of endearing, old-school children’s cartoons. While many of the characters may appeal to youngsters, adults have been drawn in by the banter and provocative tone of the story.

Adding some high-quality bud to the equation is the ideal approach to combine the aesthetically attractive aspect of the animation with the laughter-inducing storyline. Allowing your mind to be open to this abstract display will almost certainly result in you being an inspired mega-fan like so many others.

10. Superjail!

Superjail! is a cult classic cartoon series that will enthrall any sort of stoner. It is bright and vivid enough to be an acid trip, but not advised to watch when actually on the substance.

The strange, psychedelic adventures of a Willy Wonka-esque Warden, a transexual prison officer named Alice, and a nervous aide named Jarrett are told in Superjail! There is blood, guts, and a great deal of comedy and craziness on display.

11. Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

Cartoon Network’s first original series, began on April 15, 1994, and ran for five years, concluding on December 17, 1999. It was resurrected for Adult Swim’s newly formed block, with fresh episodes produced until April 12, 2004.

Space Ghost was one of those odd late-night programs that must have felt like a fever dream at the time. Space Ghost, now worn out and sarcastic, tormented and hassled visitors ranging from Björk to Timothy Leary to Ben Stiller for only 15 minutes.

Moltar was in charge of the control room, while Zorak, who was imprisoned in a jail pod with a keyboard, entertained the visitors with his band, The Original Way Outs. This show is worth watching since it is the first crazy adult swim show and because it is just plain strange.

12. Samurai Jack

Japanese culture and the notion of the samurai have long captivated Western civilization. Samurai Jack combines Western animation and nonstop action with ancient samurai warriors’ stories of loyalty and redemption.

Stoners stay for the seductive art style and memorable music, while many spectators come in for the traditional underdog narrative of Jack vs the hordes of evil. The bright colors and fast-paced action sequences are well complemented with a highly upbeat sativa. Cannabis enhances the performance, making it the ideal channel for East-meets-West dialogue.

13. Spongebob Squarepants

When Spongebob originally aired on Nickelodeon in 1999, it swept the world by storm. The program strikes the right mix between basic animation and mature subjects. It does not take much to locate a massive collection of Spongebob memes if you have been on the internet in the previous five years.

The charming characters will become your new closest friends if you roll up a few blunts. Some cartoons are simply funny without having to make sense.

14. Sailor Moon

If you think the finest stoner cartoons are all about weird characters and high-octane battle sequences, then Sailor Moon hopes to prove you wrong. This show still has some strange characters and actions, but it has increased in popularity among adults for its thoughtful plot.

The protagonists are battling for justice while attempting to manage their daily hardships. Sailor Moon has a cult following because it is so relevant to a huge percentage of its audience. With a few joints to ease you in, you will quickly discover you have more in common with the primary protagonists than you would have imagined.

15. Freakazoid

Freakazoid hails from a time that would seem unfamiliar to many of us. Cartoons from the mid-90s were allowed to push the boundaries of their gags and characters while still being broadcast at primetime.

Freakazoid is not your average superhero; in fact, he could be one of the first cartoon anti-heroes to gain public popularity. In any case, he is oddly charming in a somewhat crazy and twisted manner. A hard-hitting indica helps calm down the senses and allows you to catch every event with a plethora of subtle references and short skits.

16. Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers is a Fox animated sitcom with a sizable cult following, and it is easy to see why. The kids are odd, and the parents are odd, but they are altogether a likable group. In pursuit of the American ideal, Bob and his family fight to keep his hamburger restaurant viable.

Linda, his wife, is supportive but worried, and the kids seem a little uneasy. Many of us will recognize one or more of the characters as members of our own dysfunctional family, even if we don’t like to acknowledge it. Whether you like the animation style or not, this is considered a great modern cartoon for many stoners.

17. South Park

In 1997, Comedy Central broadcasted the first episode of South Park. There’s plenty of scathing comedy to go around with 22 seasons, but all that pop culture may become old after a while. Instead, consider eating an edible before you start watching South Park.

To the joy of its many dedicated fans, the program contains a large number of different characters and is full of callback gags. South Park may be right up there with Family Guy and The Simpsons as one of the greatest animated series of all time.

18. The Boondocks

This show is fantastic if you aren’t high, but it is even better when you are. The show’s humor and the knowledge they spew (particularly Huey) will have you making real-life decisions on the sofa.

Boondocks is a one-of-a-kind blend of anarchy, activism, and caustic satire of American life. It’s an amazing blend of racial tensions, morality, humor, and even kung-fu that dazzles and satisfies the stoned mind.

The exploits of Huey, Riley, and Grandad Freeman, a black family living in the white suburbs, are a stinging critique of modern America, delivered with enough humor, sarcasm, and intellectual thinking to keep weed-fueled talks going all night. Not to mention that it’s very amusing.

19. Ugly Americans

Ugly Americans was one of the most underappreciated TV programs of its day, and it’s still one of the finest shows to watch while you’re high as a kite.

Despite the fact that it only aired from 2010 to 2012, this program is clever, sleek, and absolutely stoner-esque in terms of humor. The label “social worker” does not appear to adequately reflect the role of the primary character, Mark Lilly. Perhaps “social miracle worker” is a better description.

He is the major character in this animated horror-comedy series, which takes place in New York’s Department of Integration, where Lilly begins the process of assisting new residents (both human and “other”) in adjusting to life in the Big Apple. It’s a great adult cartoon, and it’s much better when you light up a bowl.

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