19 Best Cartoons to Watch High

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Whether it is the style of animation, the quirky characters, or the downright outrageous storylines, there are many cartoons that just play so well when high on cannabis. Here is a list of some of the best stoner-friendly cartoons to watch.

1. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

It is hard to explain the concept of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Just trying to describe the characters makes it sound like the creators must have been high when they designed the show. The characters make no sense, the plot is often bizarre, and the animation style takes pride in mocking itself.

All these reasons are what makes Aqua Teen Hunger Force so satisfying to watch while high. After a joint or two, this oddball show will actually start to make sense. So go ahead, light up and find out for yourself.

2. Family Guy

There are very few television shows that have as deep a tie to stoner culture as Family Guy. Aside from all the cannabis advocacy that gets added in episodes from time to time, the reason why Family Guy is so irrevocably tied to stoner culture is that it was the go-to show for weed smokers in the early 2000s.

The non-sequitur humor, classic Family Guy musical numbers, and the overall stoner-friendly plot lines are what make this an all-time great show to watch while high.

3. Looney Tunes

An absolute classic that contains all the elements needed to keep high people entertained. Outlandish animal characters may start life grounded in reality, but quickly defy the odds and cheat death regularly. The episodes are also short and sweet, making it a binge-worthy classic.

Sometimes, you want to watch something that lasts as long as one joint, before getting stuck into your evening plans. Looney Tunes will remind you of those carefree years as a child, and leave you gleaming with feel-good vibes.

4. The Simpsons

Even though the Simpsons is the longest-running prime-time show in the US with 31 seasons it is still funny after all these years and quite possibly the best-animated tv series of all time. The Simpsons has long been a way for stoners to sit on the couch and enjoy a huge bowl.

There are few joys like getting stoned and sitting down to your favorite adult cartoon and having a good laugh. The Simpsons has never failed to provide smiles and laughter, especially in those cannabis moments that find their way into the storyline.

Matt Groening has not made much of an attempt to conceal the drug habits of its characters, and that is part of why stoners love the Simpsons so much.

5. King of the Hill

King of the Hill was an animated show on Fox made by Mike Judge that ran from 1997 to 2010 and during that time it carved itself into history as one of the world’s most beloved animated sitcoms.

The show centers on propane salesman Hank Hill, in Arlen, Texas. This show is hilarious for many reasons, but by far the best clip for any weed smoker is one from the episode titled, “High Anxiety”, in which Hank unknowingly smokes a tiny bit of weed and freaks out. King of the Hill has a cult following among stoners and for good reason.

6. Rick and Morty

No matter how many times you watch the same episode of Rick and Morty, there is always a subtle innuendo or hidden reference you miss. There are the obvious jokes; then there are the inside jokes that only loyal fans will understand. The difficulty, however, is the show can be a little hard to get into, especially if you have started late and your friends have a head start.

Fire up the bong, play the first few episodes, and before you know it, you may begin to comprehend this crazy cartoon.

7. Regular Show

Imagine two 20-year-olds who both work at a local park as groundskeepers. They commit all the usual shenanigans you would expect a teenager-turned-adult to make. One of the main characters is a raccoon and the other a blue jay.

The show centers around the trials and tribulations of the two friends as their lives go from straight-up sci-fi action to fantasy-themed horror. If the idea of eating a chocolate version of your friend after an evil witch has abducted them on Halloween sounds like your typical night out, Regular Show is made for you.

8. The Ren & Stimpy Show

The Ren & Stimpy show is a Nickelodeon cartoon that premiered on August 11, 1991, and ended on October 20, 1996. Ren represents the uptight, moderately stressed corporate machine that many of us fall victim to being. While Stimpy, on the other hand, is the fun-loving, carefree friend we all wish we could be a little more like.

Whether you relate to the characters or not, there is something strangely real about the scenarios that Stimpy gets himself into, and the way Ren reacts. Add cannabis into the equation, and The Ren and Stimpy Show is one of the few cartoons that will have you rolling around with laughter.

9. Adventure Time

If you struggle with some of the aging animation techniques used in older shows like Looney Tunes or Freakazoid, Adventure Time is the modern remaster that captures the essence of lovable, old-school children’s cartoons. While many of the characters may appeal to children, it is the dialogue and suggestive nature that have captured the hearts of adults.

The perfect way to fuse the visually appealing nature of the animation with the laughter-inducing narrative is to add some high-quality dank to the equation. By allowing your mind to be susceptible to this abstract show, you surely may become an inspired mega-fan along with countless others.

10. Superjail!

Bright and colorful enough to be an acid trip, but not advisable to watch while actually on the stuff, Superjail! is a cult classic cartoon series that will have every type of stoner enthralled.

Superjail! follows the bizarre, trippy stories of a Willy Wonka-esque Warden, a transgirl prison guard named Alice, and a very anxious assistant named Jarrett. There is blood, there are guts, and there is a lot of hilarity and insanity to be seen.

11. Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

Space Ghost Coast to Coast, the first original series on Cartoon Network, premiered April 15, 1994, and ran five years before ending on December 17, 1999.  It was revived for the newly created Adult Swim block, with new episodes produced until April 12, 2004.

Space Ghost was one of those strange late-night shows that must have, at the time, felt like a fever dream. For a scant 15 minutes, Space Ghost, now worn-out and snarky, harassed and hassled guests ranging from Björk to Timothy Leary to Ben Stiller. Moltar ran things in the control room, and Zorak, confined to a prison pod with a keyboard, played the guests in with his band, The Original Way Outs.

This show is worth a watch for being the original wacky adult swim show and because it is just downright weird.

12. Samurai Jack

Western society has long been fascinated with Japanese culture and the concept of the samurai. Samurai Jack blends Western animation and constant action with the themes of honor and redemption as told by ancient clans of samurai warriors.

While many viewers tune in for the classic underdog tale of Jack against the hordes of evil, stoners stay for the intoxicating art style and iconic soundtrack. An intensely euphoric sativa is the ideal complement to the vivid colors and fast-paced fight scenes. Cannabis elevates the show, helping it become the perfect conduit for East-meets-West.

13. Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob took the world by storm when it first appeared on Nickelodeon in 1999. The show perfectly balances simple animation with very adult themes. If you have been on the internet in the last five years, it does not take much to find a sprawling collection of Spongebob memes.

Pre-roll a few blunts, and the charismatic characters will become your new best friends. Some cartoons do not have to make sense to be funny, they just are.

14. Sailor Moon

If you thought the best stoner cartoons would all be about bizarre characters and high-octane fight scenes, think again. Sailor Moon still has some odd characters, and there is action, but the show has an appeal that is grown among adults.

The main characters are fighting for justice while trying to balance the struggles of everyday life. Highly relatable for a large portion of its audience, Sailor Moon has gathered a cult following. With a few joints to break you in, you will soon find you have more in common with the main characters than you may have thought.

15. Freakazoid

Freakazoid comes from an era that many of us cannot believe existed. Cartoons were free to push the boundaries of their jokes and their characters and still be shown in primetime slots.

Freakazoid is not your typical superhero; instead, he may be one of the first anti-heroes to capture the attention of mainstream audiences. Either way, he is strangely charming in a slightly psychotic and deranged kind of way. With a ton of subtle references and quick skits, a hard-hitting indica helps slow down the senses and lets you capture every moment.

16. Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers is a Fox animated series that has a massive cult following and it is not hard to understand why. The kids are weird and the parents are quirky but all in all, they are a relatable bunch. Bob and his family struggle to keep their hamburger joint afloat in pursuit of the American dream.

His wife Linda is supportive but anxious and the children are innocently awkward. For many of us, one or more of the characters will remind you of your own dysfunctional family, although you might not want to admit it. High or not, this is a very solid modern cartoon.

17. South Park

South Park was originally released on Comedy Central in 1997. With 22 seasons, there is plenty of satirical humor to go around, but all that popular culture can wear a little thin after a while. Instead, try eating an edible before embarking on a South Park binge.

The show has a vast number of distinct characters and is full of callback jokes to the delight of its many hardcore fans. South Park may sit right next to Family Guy and The Simpsons as one of the all-time great adult and stoner cartoons.

18. The Boondocks

This show is great without even being high, but when you are high, it is even better. The knowledge they spit (especially Huey) and the comedy of the show will have you figuring out some real-life choices on the couch.

Boondocks is a unique mix of anarchism, activism, and biting satire of the American experience. It is a fantastic mix of racial tensions, morality, comedy, and even kung-fu that dazzles and delights the stimulated mind of the stoned.

The adventures of Huey, Riley, and Grandad Freeman, a black family living in white suburbs, are a blistering indictment of modern America presented with enough wit, sarcasm, and intellectual thought to drive weed-fueled conversations all night long. Not to mention it is freaking hilarious.

19. Ugly Americans

Ugly Americans was one of the most underrated TV shows of its time and it remains one of the best shows to watch while high as a kite.

Although it only lasted from 2010-2012, this show is intelligent, stylish, and at the same time, perfectly stoner-esque when it comes to humor. The title of “social worker” does not seem to justly describe the main character Mark Lilly’s job. Perhaps “social miracle worker” comes closer.

He is the central figure in this animated horror-comedy series, set at the Department of Integration in New York, where Lilly begins the process of helping new citizens (both human and “other”) adapt to life in the Big Apple. It is a very solid adult cartoon, and when you light up, it is all the funnier.

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