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Best Strains for Creativity

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Cannabis has long been a companion for creative minds. It has a way of expanding the imagination, enabling access to new thoughts, concepts, and ideas. For many of us, cannabis adds color to our world and allows us to appreciate small nuances that are normally filtered out by our busy brains.

Not all strains are created equal, thanks to differences in their terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Maybe some artists could not care less what strains they smoke, but others swear by specific strains and rely on them for stimulating creative thought.

Typically, the best creative and uplifting cannabis strains have sativa-dominant properties. Their hallucinogenic and energetic nature lend themselves to the creative arts. It is no use being couch-locked by a strong indica if you are trying to paint like Picasso.

Jack Herer

Named after the legendary cannabis activist and author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” Jack Herer, this hybrid has won numerous awards. A cross of Northern Lights, True Haze, and Shiva Skunk, it offers an uplifting, almost euphoric high. It stimulates the senses for a joyous, focused mental buzz that is very close to being psychedelic and will encourage creativity and philosophical thinking.

The rich genetic background of this strain gives rise to several different variations, whereby each phenotype has its own unique features and effects. But typically, consumers describe this 55 percent sativa hybrid as clear-headed, blissful, and creative. Its mellow high leaves the mind flexible and makes room to stretch creative muscles.

Breeders in the Netherlands created Jack Herer in the 1990s and Dutch pharmacies later distributed it as a medical-grade strain. Since then, it has taken home a number of awards for its potency and quality.


Chemdawg is a 50:50 hybrid of indica and sativa that has been around for quite a while. It is a particularly strong cannabis strain with average THC levels of between 15 – 20%. Its high can be dizzying and cumbersome, but if intense euphoria that jars the senses and encourages new pathways of thought are what you are seeking, Chemdawg may be just what you need.

Not for rookie users, Chemdawg is a favorite among seasoned smokers. They swear by its ability to get the mind popping, and the spirit enthused to produce. Most users agree that this strain is very effective when it comes to arts, crafts, and completing tasks.

There is a heavy body high associated with Chemdawg, so it is perfect if you need to sit still while your brain does all the work. It is renowned for kick-starting innovative and imaginative thinking.


Another 50:50 hybrid, Tangie is a strain that offers many gifts; long-lasting euphoria, a sweet citrus flavor reminiscent of ripe tangerines, and a creative kick that expands thought. Its meditative, patient, and focusing high is perfect for settling deep into a long project, especially one that might otherwise feel long and tedious.

Tangie is a sativa strain made by crossing California Orange and Skunk-1. The sativa genetics shine through in the best way while still delivering a punch of indica to balance it out. Maximum THC levels of more than 22 percent make this a potent choice for creatives looking for an outside-the-box frame of mind.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is about as 100 percent a pure sativa strain as it gets. Originating from the city of Durban in South Africa, this strain has gained notoriety worldwide for its sweet smell and uplifting, energetic effects. It offers a unique taste, like that of licorice or aniseed, and is famous for being one of the most energizing strains around. This makes it perfect for long days of productive creativity.

Despite its distinct flavor, Durban Poison brings a high we all know and love. It is ideal for smoking throughout the day with a THC level of between 8 – 9 percent. This makes it subtle enough to aid those long projects. It offers an uplifting head high that is great not only for boosting creativity but keeping you productive and focused as you work on your art.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is one of those frequent flyers when it comes to daytime suggestions. That is because this cross of Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights #5 usually hits consumers with a powerful dose of energy. An 80 percent sativa strain that averages around 18-23 percent THC, it is well known for its super heady high and long-lasting effects.

This bud has a classic spicy herbal flavor with a sharp sour citrus exhale. The aroma takes a skunky turn, with spicy herbs and sour citrus throughout. Super Silver Haze buds have fluffy and airy popcorn-shaped bright green nugs with orange hairs and a frosty thick coating of tiny silvery-white crystal trichomes.

The high starts fast and hard, slamming into your mind almost as soon as you exhale. You will feel a sense of energy wash over you that is filled with creative motivation and happiness, lending itself well to any artistic task that you have at hand. If you can manage the high, and channel that energy into artistic productivity, then this strain may provide a valuable creative boost towards any of the projects you have been procrastinating on.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze has a sativa to indica ratio of 80:20, and despite the misleading name, it does not put you into a fog, but actually helps sharpen focus. A classic in Dutch coffee shops, this strain has a mind focused high that helps to wash away the worries of the day. You just need to take your new-found relief and create.

The sativa high brought on by Amnesia Haze offers clarity of thought that will make you more resourceful and productive. It is also great for physical and mental fatigue, so your energy will be high enough to finish those tasks that you have been putting off. Expect THC levels up in the 20-25 percent region along a particularly powerful and long-lasting high.

Cinderella 99

Cinderella 99 is an excellent hybrid strain that provides potent euphoric effects. It hits your head with a rush of energetic stimulation that rolls down into a deep body high. It is perfect for anyone who likes daytime strains that make you want to sit on a random patch of grass and think about life for a couple of hours.

Cinderella 99 is a complex backcross of Princess, Shiva Skunk, and Cinderella 88 genetics that can be traced all the way back to Jack Herer, a Princess parent strain. With that knowledge, it is easy to see why this strain may provide such mental stimulation.


AK-47 is a multi-Cannabis Cup winner with a motivational, uplifting, and long-lasting high. It is perfect for complex brainstorming that may take a while. However, it will not get your brain racing too wildly because the THC level is significant at 20 percent but not too much higher than other strains on this list.

Although the name makes it sound like AK-47 would deliver a hard-hitting and intense experience, this strain actually offers a mellow and reflective feeling that is absolutely conducive to creative endeavors. It has a sativa to indica ratio of 65:35 and is a mix of Colombian, Afghani, Thai, and Mexican varieties.

AK-47 is not only a great strain for stimulating creativity, but it is also a good option for keeping you mentally alert. It will even allow you to socialize when you are more inclined to being an introvert.

Purple Haze

Purple Haze is a sativa weed strain popularized by Jimi Hendrix’s 1967 classic song, Purple Haze. This strain delivers a dreamy burst of euphoria that brings veteran consumers back to their psychedelic heyday.

A strain that seems to turn up saturation and definition like an HD movie, Purple Haze unlocks the highest potential of your senses. Lending energy and positivity to the mind, this strain knocks down bad moods, lethargy, and anything else standing in the way between you and your next artistic project.

Purple Haze is believed to have descended from parent strains Purple Thai and Haze, which pass on a mix of sweet and earthy flavors underscored by notes of berry and sharp spice. Purple Haze buds typically acquire vibrant hues of lavender that further justify the naming of this strain.


If you are looking for a trippy cannabis strain to get your creative juices flowing, then LSD is probably just what you need. It is known to be especially helpful when it comes to breaking writer’s block or any other creativity barriers. Users describe it as having a unique ability to induce an awe-inspiring, psychedelic high that can fuel massive amounts of creativity.

LSD is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Mazar and Skunk #1.  It has an incredibly high THC level of almost 25%. Do not expect the same focus and clarity associated with most other strains on this list. LSD is likely to leave you in a calm haze that helps you come up with offbeat or unique ideas that might not otherwise surface.

This degree of mental stimulation is quite rare for an Indica. Not surprisingly, LSD also has typical Indica-based body effects. Users often notice the powerful body numbing 1 to 2 hours after ingestion, once most of the cerebral effects wear off.

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