The Sanctuary and our online editorial team have a mission to create cannabis content that is not only informative but also enlightening. To some, cannabis culture is well known but to most, there are some if not many questions surrounding it.

Our article topics are curated by the staff editor who does an extensive amount of research into topics and common questions regarding cannabis. The world of weed is always evolving and therefore many of our article topics are modern; tackling the latest discoveries in cannabis such as new products and processes.

Old school cannabis culture is also covered in various articles for experienced readers to either glance over in sentiment or for new users to learn up on some lingo in order to impress their stoner friends.

However, the goal of these articles is not just for entertainment. We have a strong desire to help diminish any remaining stigma that cannabis may still have by informing the public of its physical and spiritual benefits. The continuing legalization of medical and recreational cannabis will inevitably encourage new users to give it a try and we want to provide as much information for them and as detailed as possible. We love weed for its benefits and we want to share our knowledge so that you can also enjoy it to its fullest.

Our writers use a combination of research and personal experiences to eloquently tackle these topics. The research process utilizes multiple levels of information. We reference informal channels for details relating to casual topics such as describing slang or how to create a bong out of fruit. We also examine scientific publishings for up-to-date research. The accuracy of our articles is crucially important to us and they are written with the idea of inclusiveness for readers of all walks of life.

Along with the writers and editor, our content goes through our designers who create original thumbnails and graphics for each article. The purpose of these graphics is to help explain our content specifically. Many articles explain “how to” use or consume cannabis products and illustrations make this much easier for everyone.