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How To Get Weed Smell Out of Room: Learn the ABCs

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While it is always fun to toke up on your favorite strains or hash after a long day, one of the drawbacks to doing so is your room suddenly being filled with that infamous weed smell. True some people do not mind the smell, especially if they themselves are enthusiasts, but it can be considered a hindrance or hazard to those who are not.

Luckily, there are more ways than one to get rid of your weed smell, none of which are even remotely difficult or involve extensive cleaning (although it is always good to wash the clothes you plan on wearing if they have been in a smoky room for a while). You will actually find it is just as easy to smoke a joint as it is to get weed smell out of your room.

Where Does Weed Smell Come From?

If you are curious as to where the smell itself comes from, you do not have to be a botanist or chemist, but that answer involves chemistry. There is a terpenes component called myrcene, which is found in weed along with some of the spices you have in your kitchen, like thyme or lemongrass.

Myrcene is a very aromatic component, explaining why you can smell it without even lighting up your weed or spices. When it does light, however, the aroma often spreads far and wide.

Do Dabs Smell?

Technically yes, but not as much: Exactly why you could argue that this is a way to get rid of weed smell, and what better way to do so by dabbing more weed?

Weed is the most aromatic when it is burned since all the THC and terpenes is being released, so lightly heating it confined to a vape pen will greatly minimize the odor. The same (kind of) goes for dabbing, since you do not really need to burn your concentrates to get high.

The ABCs of Getting Weed Smell Out of a Room

The ABCs of Getting Weed Smell Out of a Room
The actual process of getting weed smell off of your surfaces is simple enough, but to make things even easier, we have broken a few of them down into the ABCs: Air fresheners, Baking Soda and Cooking. Short, sweet and easy to remember.

Air Fresheners

Ok, this is admittedly a no-brainer, but it is objectively a great way to get rid of unwanted odors. Simply spray a high-quality air freshener throughout the room and let the spray work its magic: It is literally what they were made for, after all.

Be mindful that not just any spray off of the shelf at the grocery store will do. Glade Plug-In scents, for example, are very aromatic when set on ‘high’ and left alone for barely an hour. Again, this is a no-brainer but the aromatic name brands at the store like Febreze (not sponsored) are perfect for getting weed smell out of your room.

You have probably heard the joke of most weed smokers keeping Febreze stock piled: It is funny but the spray actually works really well, hence why it is often referenced as part of the smoker’s arsenal, but what about weed air fresheners?

Yes, there are actual sprays and candles that smell exactly like weed, which does not help at all if you are trying to get rid of the smell. However, air fresheners for weed (another reason to watch what you type into Google) are exactly what you are looking for: relatively inexpensive sprays that are designed specifically for weed smell.

Even better is that the most well-known brands for this type of spray come in a variety of amazing smells while also being non-toxic and completely environmentally friendly. What more could you ask for in a spray for weed smell?

Baking Soda

At the same time, what is the solution to an immeasurable number of problems throughout history? Science. That is exactly what we would be using via baking soda as a ‘cleaning’ solution: You probably have some lying around the kitchen or the laundry room already, and it is one of the most accessible and effective substances for scrubbing and getting rid of smells.

It is no wonder why baking soda has been one of the holy grails of cleaning and deodorizing for as long as it has: Baking soda and acidity are mortal enemies since most of the smells we do not like are chemically acidic, which baking soda balances by eliminating the acidity.

So, to use it in getting weed smell out of your room, simply sprinkle a thin coat atop your most smelly surfaces, wait for the smell to dissipate (which should barely take an hour) and then clean up the excess soda. It may not be exactly as easy as air freshener, but works just as well, if not better, since we are actually cleaning up the smell.


As it is in other situations, this solution to your weed troubles is food. No, seriously: Heat rises and your food creates an aroma when exposed to so much heat (hence why you can smell someone else’s cooking in some apartment buildings). You can guess where this is going.

This is actually an ideal solution for apartment dwellers (but not in your car since you cannot cook there) for two reasons: One being that depending on when your weed or concentrates kicked in, you are probably hungry anyway. The second reason is that these aromas (especially with fried foods or desserts), can actually mask the odor of weed smell.

Think about if your place has already sent letters of notifications about smoking weed: you obviously do not want to be singled out or charged via high cleaning fees or reductions in your deposit. We guarantee that the more potent smell of chicken wings will not get you in the amount of trouble that weed smell will get you.

The only downside of using cooking to get weed smell out of your room is that you have to synchronize the time as best as you can. If you smoke too early or late in the cooking process, you risk letting the weed smell get out instead of it being masked. If at all possible, wait to smoke until right as you start cooking to replace one aroma with a less conspicuous one.

Essential Oils

While it is not part of the ABCs to rid your room of weed smell, it is a great way to do it nonetheless. Take any scent of an essential oil you like (patchouli is a popular option as it is fragrant without being overpowering) while lighting an incense burner to have your whole room smelling like a fancy spa instead of weed.

Which method works best?

All of the other methods like spraying and cooking work extremely well to not only get rid of weed smell but create a better one (and one that will not get you in trouble where you live). However, because it actually eliminates the odor very easily, the best solution to rid your room of weed smell is baking soda.

Out of all the methods we have covered, baking soda does the best job at fully neutralizing the smell, and it is also the cheapest and most readily available option for when sprays or essential oils are in short supply. This may be the best option overall, but all of the others will have your room smelling fresh and weed-free in no time at all.

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