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How to Hide Weed Smell: 10 Tricks That Actually Work

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The smell of fresh weed is notoriously strong and can give an indication of its use or presence in a home or social circle. While most cannabis activists and enthusiasts might say they love it, many people try to conceal the odor.

This could be due to cannabis still being considered illegal in the state where they live, or because they do not want to draw unnecessary attention or bother others who might find the smell objectionable.

Having a strong, fresh odor is often indicative of a high-quality strain, and oftentimes can provide clues as to the more delicate terpene chemical compounds that your strain of choice has. But as you become accustomed to the scent, sometimes you stop noticing it. This can lead to an awkward social faux pas if the scent is absorbed into your clothing or accessories.

You may not be aware of the dank scent of your herb, even if it is apparent to others. These people may find the scent concerning if they have an unenlightened attitude towards cannabis use. While their mindset may not be of concern to you, what if they choose to involve the law?

Depending on the legal status of cannabis in your state or county, there could be consequences if law enforcement notices a cannabis scent on your body, in your car, or even in your own home.

Containing the smell of your weed

How to Hide the Smell of Weed

Storing cannabis long-term requires investing in good containers. Choosing air-tight containers which seal completely will maintain the freshness of your bud as well as isolate the fragrance.

There are many options for plastic containers which range from tightly sealed bags to Tupperware. However, plastic may not be reliable when it comes to a strong odor.

Glass containers such as Mason jars or stainless steel ones such as coffee cans will provide a better scent barrier. Many companies even provide containers specifically designed for cannabis storage, such as Boveda. Some container companies, such as Stashlogix, also offer secure locks for your weed.

Whichever containment method you choose, it should be stored in a cool, dark place with optimum humidity control for maximum freshness.

For those who travel with their cannabis, some products have been designed for “on the go”. Dube tubes provide a secure, relatively odor-free way to transport pre-rolled joints or blunts. The company Skunk designs discreet bags that have activated charcoal lining to control the odor of larger quantities than a pre-roll.


If you prefer to keep the knowledge of your cannabis use discreet and would like to minimize the smell, we suggest a vaporizer as a device to invest in. A vaporizer will allow you to avoid many of the health risks that smoking is associated with, and also allows you to maximize the benefits of your weed without producing as much odor.

Vaporizers do not combust the cannabis as traditional smoking does. Vaporizers instead heat to a precise temperature needed to extract a full spectrum of cannabinoids without applying flame and burning the weed.

The vapor which is produced by a vaporizer tends to have significantly less odor as compared to a joint or bong, and the smell can actually be more enjoyable.

Towel under your door

When trying to hide the smell of weed, an initial step you may take is to place a rolled-up towel at the base of the door of the room where smoking is occurring. This can also be done while grinding weed, packing bowls, dabbing, or using a vaporizer, as these activities can sometimes be detected outside of a non-toweled room.

If you wish to hide the odor completely for private use, a towel and enclosed room would be necessary.

Making the towel slightly damp with water is most effective. Then roll or stuff the towel underneath the door after it is shut. Be sure to fill any gaps with the fabric. Doors that are not properly fitted in their frame may require stuffing on the sides as well.

Smoking in your shower

Some people have found that smoking in the bathroom while the shower is running can mask odors and dissipate them more quickly. This is colloquially referred to as a “Hawaiin Hotbox”. Running hot water while using cannabis creates steam, which interferes with the odor of the herb, and then any smoke or vapor is removed from the bathroom via fans or vents.

The “sploof”

You may choose to create a “sploof” to help control weed odors. A sploof is a hand-made device created from a toilet paper tube and a dryer sheet; the result is weed smoke smelling of fresh laundry instead of charred dank.

Making a sploof is very straightforward. Simply attach the dryer sheet to one end of the cardboard tube with a rubber band or tape. After inhaling from your pipe or bong, exhale into the cardboard tube and thus through the dryer sheet.

For additional precautions, you can blow your hit through the sploof and also through a window. You could also invest in a product, like Smoke Buddy or Sploofy, that contains an activated carbon filter that would address secondhand smoke.

One hitters and small pipes

Smaller pipes produce smaller hits, which can translate into less odor presence and considerably less smoke. It is not uncommon for someone who wishes to keep their weed use discreet to purchase petite devices which are more easily concealed.

“One hitters” are a great design alternative to larger pipes or joints. As the name implies, these slim pipes usually have just enough capacity for a single good hit or a scant handful of puffs.

The most discrete one hitters often come shaped and painted like cigarettes and are sometimes purchased with a separate carrying case which may have a compartment to store your bud for use.


Vinegar is a common household staple that can be an effective natural cleaning agent. When it comes to odors, vinegar is top-notch. Some find the odor of the vinegar itself unpleasant, but the scent often disappears within an hour after use.

Place a cup of white vinegar in a saucepan on your stove and bring to a gentle boil. The scent of the vinegar will mask any weed odor.

Baking soda

Another household staple, baking soda comes in powdered form and is often employed (sometimes with vinegar) and a very powerful natural cleaner. For odor control, a container of baking soda is simply placed in the same room as the odor, and the powder absorbs the targeted scent.

Place a few inches of baking soda in a shallow dish and just chill as the powder does all the work. It does take some time to absorb, sometimes days, so it is best to keep a dish of baking soda on hand before, during, and after smoking, and remember to change the powder every few days.

Proper ventilation

Proper ventilation and airflow are key to keeping any strong odor undetectable. Smoke will travel through the ventilation, rather than attaching to your clothing or the walls of your home and creating a lingering smell.

Opening windows and using fans are basic ways to increase ventilation. If you live in an apartment, make sure you are not blowing smoke into any of your neighbor’s homes.

Clean yourself up

Using minimal hygiene standards can decrease how strongly you smell after smoking. Just washing your hands and face can rescue the smell quite a bit, though taking a shower or bath in which you wash your hair is even more effective, as hair is very porous and absorbs smells quickly. Brushing your teeth or using gum is also recommended.

If you do not have the time or convenience of a shower, an odor-neutralizing spray may come in handy, and you can also change your clothes. Washing your clothes as soon as possible will prevent long-lasting weed odors from occurring or spreading to other laundry.

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