How to Make a Pipe Out of a Pen

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If you are trying to smoke weed and you do not have a pipe around, then it is time to get creative. There are many options to try and re-invent random household items into a smoking device. But possibly the most common thing to have lying around is a pen. Pens are not just common to have, but they also make for an easy DIY one-hitter style pipe.

Other good DIY smoking devices include a gravity bong or an apple. But not everyone has apples sitting around the house and sometimes a gravity bong will not work because you need to whip up a homemade one-hitter to smoke on the go.

Sometimes you just quickly need something discreet, that is easy to conceal, easy to pack, and that can be made out of household items you can find anywhere.

Warnings for people smoking homemade pipes

Before we get started, I just want to add that smoking in this “creative” way does come with a risk. Often times, plastics and thin metals can be made with highly dangerous chemicals that tend to burn off and release fumes when heated to high enough temperature. We do not recommend smoking any type of plastic or metal if you can avoid it.

We also strongly advise that before you do, you make yourself aware of the health concerns of smoking from a pen, understand the chemical compounds you are inhaling, and make an effort to avoid smoking from these devices if possible.

Supplies you will need

To make a one-hitter style pipe from a pen, you will need the following supplies:

  • Pen
  • Butter knife
  • Lighter
  • Socket (optional)
  • Cannabis (of course!)

Finding the right pen

When it comes to making pipes, not all pens are created equal. There are pens you may come across that are not even worth the effort. The optimal pen to turn into a pipe comes with a screw-off metal tip, a back end that can be pried off, and an ink cartridge that is easily removed.

If you happen to have a perfect sized metal socket that could attach to the pen then that is another viable option. If you do not have a socket and the tip of your pen is not made out of metal, that means you will probably end up smoking plastic or whatever toxic material the tip is made of. Smoking from metal, albeit also hazardous, is considerably safer than lighting up plastic.

Steps to building your pen pipe

Steps to building your pen pipe

In order to turn a pen into a pipe to smoke cannabis out of, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Unscrew the metal tip of the pen. It should look like a little cone with a wide hole on one side and a thin hole on the other. Put this aside. This is what you will use as your bowl piece. If you cannot remove the metal tip on the pen, you cannot use the pen as a pipe.
  2. Flip the pen over and put a little pressure on the edge of the cap with the tip of your thumbnail.  Pop off the back end of the pen. Some bottom caps can be unscrewed by twisting them. If you cannot remove the bottom cap by hand, you may have to use a butter knife.
  3. Pull the ink cartridge out from the inside of the pen and toss it in the garbage. You should be left with an empty cylinder piece, which will serve as the body of the pipe. This is the part that smoke will travel through.
  4. Take the pen’s metal tip, and shove the thin end into the hole at the end of your empty pen cylinder. Try to cram it in there tight enough that it stays in place on its own. If it does not stay in place, you could tape the metal tip to the empty pen cylinder. You could possibly even use glue. But then you may accidentally smoke glue fumes or whatever kind of likely toxic material your tape is made out of.So just put some muscle into it and lodge the metal tip in there with force but do not press so hard that you break it. If all else fails, chew up a piece of gum and use that to secure the metal tip to the empty pen cylinder. You should now have a crude-looking pipe, with the upside-down metal pen tip serving as your bowl piece. Fill this metal tip with cannabis. It is best to use chunks of flower ripped off by hand because ground up weed can potentially fall out of the make-shift bowl easier.
  5. Put your lips to the end of the empty pen cylinder, and while lighting the cannabis in the pen tip bowl, inhale. If you were not successful in securely lodging the metal tip into the empty pen body, you may have to hold the pen almost vertically so that the metal tip does not fall out of the empty pen cylinder mid-hit.

Discard your pen after 1-2 smoking sessions. Pens are not designed to be used as pipes. Using them more than once or twice as a pipe can cause the pen to melt or release dangerous chemicals. Just make another one if you really need to.

Again, this should really be a last-ditch method for smoking weed. Before you need another pipe, go out and get a glass bowl, rolling papers, or even a piece of fruit and use that instead.

The Sanctuary Editorial Team

The Sanctuary Editorial Team

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