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How To Roll Paper? 3 Alternative Ways To Do It Easily

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Whether you are new to cannabis or an ‘experienced’ veteran, one of the first things you learn along the way is how to roll a joint. A simple trick on its surface that is nonetheless crucial to making your own joints at home, and still being able to smoke anytime and anywhere your strain and papers are all you have.

As easy as it is to roll, there is more than one way to do it, each one arguably easier than the last: From rolling traditionally by hand to using the latest in rolling innovations and machines. So, if you are not the best at rolling your own joints by hand, there are alternative ways that you can try instead, or to just get the job done until you are able to roll the joint of your dreams.

What are the best rolling papers?

While the final choice of the best rolling paper is almost entirely subjective, the quality, price and reaction of the paper (i.e. does it easily burn? Does it burn slowly? Is it bleached or unbleached?) cannot be argued if a brand checks off and sets the industry standard for all of the above: In that case, RAW Organics, Zig-Zags, Juicy Jay and Vibes among many other brands would fall into this category.

Recently, Shine 24k Rolling Papers have been making waves as a new golden standard (pun) for rolling papers, despite their higher price tag. But just like other papers of their quality, their material not only makes them easier to roll but also better for the environment.

Is it Easy to Roll a Joint?

It all depends on your own expertise, but objectively, rolling a paper is easy to learn and very easy once you get a feel of the motions. If you picture yourself rolling the world’s smallest burrito, you can essentially roll a joint: The only key difference being that you have to pack the tail end of a joint or blunt and twist it shut, unlike a burrito where you are rolling and tucking both ends at the same time.

In the simplest terms, the easiest way to explain rolling is: preparing the crutch (optional), loading the paper, then rolling and sealing before neatly closing the tail end.

Whether or not you are new to rolling, you might still stumble upon the occasional ‘over stuffed’ joint or a rip as you try to tuck in the paper, but for the most part, any user with a little bit of practice can learn to roll a paper into the perfect joint.

How to Roll Papers

How to Roll Papers
As we mentioned, there are different ways to roll your papers and any consumer of any skill level can pick one up. Granted, it helps that rolling papers are readily available pretty much anywhere cannabis or tobacco business is done. Most booths at cannabis industry events even give them away!

Once you have an abundant supply of papers, you can not only practice the rolling method you prefer, but also try some of the other ones for yourself, as mastering one does not have to mean the end to your journey of rolling.

By Hand

Quite possibly the most well-known, economical and classic solution to an unrolled paper with weed inside: rolling it by hand. While it can usually be done in as little as five steps, some might not get the neatest or most perfect joint on the first try, and that is totally fine.

It is, however, the most sought after skill for any smoke session you will ever be a part of, so it is best to get your chops up. Luckily, you will get better the more you do it and even if it does not look the best on the first attempt, you still might have a completely smokable joint: Are you really taking a loss here? We say no!

Rolling Machine

Now that we have covered how to ease rolling, what about devices that can do it for us? Look no further than the rolling machine. This sleek and simplistic device is literally the pinnacle of rolling papers and everything is done simply by rolling the machine.

You only need to load the crutch (filter) and weed inside the machine, close it up and ready a standard size paper in the designated slot. From there, roll the machine and open to reveal your best rolling work yet. The best part(s) about this masterpiece is that they are super light, can fit in your pocket and you can find a basic one for about $10 with the best ones usually under $20.

The Cone Roller

But to make rolling by hand even easier, we turn to the cone roller. What the cone roller is, is just a cylindrical holder for you to roll your paper around to get a cleaner joint: Picture a rolling machine without the gears or the casing: That is the cone roller.

It works for papers and crutches since it holds both in place so that you can roll everything around the cylinder and come out with the perfect paper cone, ready to pack with weed.

Should I Buy Paper Cones?

For veteran and new rollers alike, paper cones will always, always be a worthwhile purchase.

They are relatively cheap depending on the pack, they require the most minimal set up out of all the methods shown here, and they are the probably the best way to roll up a whole bouquet of joints in as little time as possible (unless you have the rolling prowess of Snoop Dogg and can do it faster by hand).

All you have to do with paper cones is put on a crutch or filter (should they not have any), fill the cone and close it: Just like that, you made your own pre roll! It has never been easier to roll a paper even without cones, but they are the perfect tool for either the busiest or laziest smoker. You know which one you are.

Advantages to Rolling Joints

Rolling joints is an invaluable skill for any cannabis consumer as it is the only way to ensure you can smoke when you are out of pre rolls but still have weed on deck. Not only that, but getting really good at rolling will impress your other smoking friends and allow you to create your own joints or blunts with whatever strains, hash or other infusions you want.

Alternative Rolling Papers?

Believe it or not, rolling your weed does not even stop at papers. Say you have tried a number of different brands and maybe you are having trouble finding one you really like, or you are just out of papers and in a pinch. Is that it?

Not at all: Effective alternatives to rolling papers include scritta paper (like from a Bible or dictionary), paper bags, gum wrappers without the aluminum, and of course, Backwoods.

Backwoods are among the most popular ‘non-paper’ rolling options, basically the standard for blunts, and are made of a specialized tobacco leaves not only providing added flavor but also volume to pack more weed into each roll. As you can see, there are multiple options to choose from, in all aspects, for you to get the best roll possible.

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