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Moon Rocks: What Are They and How Can You Smoke Them?

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The creative minds in the cannabis community sure have some interesting innovations. New types of weed concentrates seem to emerge every year along with new smoking devices and flower strains. Amongst this consistent evolution, a product named “moon rocks” has emerged.

As trippy as this sounds, it is very much real and extremely potent. Users who consume both cannabis flower and concentrates should give this product a try.

Moon rocks are not recommended for first-time or novice smokers because of their distinctly high potency.

For experienced users looking for a new experience with weed, you cannot go wrong with this product.

What are moon rocks?

Moon rocks consist of flower that is covered in a weed concentrate shatter or hash oil, then it gets coated in kief. If you are not familiar with kief, it is the remnants of resinous trichomes that form on cannabis buds.

Moon rocks can clock in at close to 50 percent THC and a gram can run you $30-40 depending on the dispensary. With that level of potency, moon rocks can provide strong medicine for patients who need that dosage level.

How to smoke moon rocks

how to smoke moon rocks

Because moon rocks are made up with a sticky concentrate they are not meant to be ground up in a grinder or broken up by hand. When you are ready to smoke some, you should slice off pieces by using a knife or razor blade.

Put some of your moon rock onto a bowl of some weed or just by itself. Either a bong or a pipe will work. Be sure to pack your moon rocks loosely in the bowl. The sticky concentrates mean that your bowl will get dirty over time so you may have to clean it out with isopropyl alcohol more often than usual.

If you are having a hard time lighting the moon rocks then try breaking them up into even smaller pieces. You may also need to light the rocks longer than you do with traditional flower.

Smoking moon rocks out of portable vaporizers may damage your vape.

How high will I get?

The spaced-out name for moon rocks is very accurate to the high that it creates. When under the influence of these you may actually feel like a rock floating in space.

Moon rocks are not meant to be smoked if you have any plans or responsibilities afterward. Even if you have a high tolerance, you will most likely be too high for anything other than watching movies and getting the munchies. Moon rocks are known to be more sedative than energizing so they are best to consume later at night.

It is recommended to take one hit at a time to see how you feel. Some users report extended highs that can last until the next day so consider what is on tomorrow’s agenda before taking a huge bong rip.

How to make moon rocks

Moon rocks are becoming so notorious that dispensaries are starting to sell them to bring in more customers. Unfortunately, this fame is being taken advantage of by some places that use inferior ingredients. Old bud and lower potency concentrates may be used to save some money for weed stores.

As a result, it may be in your best interest to just make moon rocks at home. This way you can control what ingredients you use to make the most potent moon rocks possible.

First, you need to decide on which strain to use. The strain named GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) was used to make the original moon rocks but any strain that you prefer should work fine.

To make moon rocks, gather the following ingredients:

  • Your preferred weed strain
  • Concentrate
  • Kief
  • Liquid dropper or sprayer
  • Tongs or tweezers

Grab a weed nug and coat it in your concentrate. You may need to lightly heat up the concentrate if it is too solid to stick to the bud. You may consider using a liquid dropper or sprayer to apply the concentrate if it is thin enough as this will help coat the bud more evenly.

After coating the bud in concentrate, grab it with some tongs or tweezers and gently roll it over a pile of kief. You can also sprinkle kief over the bud while rotating it.

Lastly, let your creation dry enough so that it is able to smoke. When it is ready, slice off a piece and give it a go!

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