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Moon Rocks: What Are They and How Can You Smoke Them?

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One of the best things about the cannabis community is that it is full of so many creative and innovative people. That means there are almost always new and improved ways to enjoy cannabis. One of the latest and greatest developments is a special treat called moon rocks.

If you love enjoying cannabis flower and concentrates at the same time, moon rocks should be on your radar. But be warned, a moon rock hit offers one of the most potent drug effects you are likely to have with weed.

Smoking moonrocks for the first time can be intimidating because of their unique qualities. If you are a newer cannabis user then you may want to hold off on trying this until you become more comfortable with being high.

For experienced users looking for a new level of high, this could be the strength you are looking for and then some!

What are moon rocks?

Moon rocks are nugs of flower that have been dipped or covered in an extract like hash oil or shatter, then rolled in kief, a powder made from the trichomes, terpenes, and cannabinoids that have fallen from flower.

Moon rocks are often used as a type of “stoner hack.” Typically consisting of at least 50% THC and costing upwards of $30 a gram, these coated nugs are all about bang for your buck.

Outside of wanting to get super high, moon rocks have a stellar application in the medicinal world. Since states like California put a 10 milligram limit on cannabis edibles, patients requiring high doses of THC to cope with their ailments can turn to moon rocks for relief.

How to smoke moon rocks

how to smoke moon rocks

Moon Rocks are not made to be ground up, either in your grinder or between your fingers. Grinding or crumbling your moon rocks means losing a bunch of that good concentrate and kief to the grinder’s teeth or by getting stuck onto your fingers. Instead, the best method is to slice off small sections of the rock, either using small scissors, a sharp knife, or a razor.

Moon rocks are best consumed either in a bong or a pipe. Be sure to pack your moon rocks loosely in the bowl. Since moon rocks are already saturated with oil and sticky with kief, your bowl can pretty easily clog with resin once you apply some flame. Expect more oil than normal to run down your piece.

Also, consider using a piece with a smaller bowl as opposed to a larger one. A smaller-sized bowl will make sure you are only smoking as much as you need.

Soaked with cannabis oil, sometimes it can be hard to get moon rocks to light. Slicing off a couple of pieces and placing them on top of some regular ground flower, whether in a joint, blunt, or a bowl is a good way to keep your fire lit while enjoying the full effects of moon rocks. Plus, you will save more of your product for next time.

It is best to avoid smoking moon rocks out of a hand-held vaporizer, as the excess oil and resin can damage the components.

How high will I get?

Moon rocks most likely got its name on the basis that when you smoke it, you feel like a rock floating around the moon. Quite literally, the high is out of this world.

It is so strong in fact that newer weed users are not recommended to try it. Unless of course they are incredibly brave and are in a safe space where they can live out their highness comfortably.

Moon rocks are not the type of bud to consume if you have got anything else to do like chores or errands, especially not the first time. While it is not a recommended product to consume for your regular wake and bake, moon rocks are great for your evening wind down. Put a movie on your screen or some music on your speakers and enjoy the space-like voyage that is sure to come.

As with edibles, start with a little bit and gradually increase your dose by taking a small hit at a time. The length of the high is comparable to edibles and many users report waking up the next day still feeling high! So if you have a lot of work to do bright and early the next day, it may or may not affect your day, but be warned.

How to make moon rocks

Some dispensaries offer the sale of moon rocks. Problem is that not all of those dispensaries use high-quality bud, kief, or concentrate. They may use the notoriety of moon rocks to sell some of their lesser quality product.

By creating it yourself, you can control the potency by choosing strong or weak cannabis, oil, and kief. However, most moon rocks users are seeking a monster high so it is recommended to use high-quality, well cured flower, bubble hash kief, and flower rosin, which is an extremely potent extract.

If you want to reduce the potency, try a high-CBD strain or CBD isolate instead of kief.

The first step is choosing your moon rocks weed. While GSC (also know as girl scout cookies) is the traditional moon rocks strain, you can really make them with any one of your favorite flower varieties.

You will need all of the following to make moon rocks:

  • Cannabis flower
  • Cannabis concentrate or hash oil
  • Kief
  • Tongs or tweezers
  • Liquid dropper or sprayer

Start by grabbing a nice dense nug, then cover it in concentrate. If you are using a concentrate that is a little on the solid side, you may have to heat it up slightly until it gets into liquid form. We recommend using a liquid dropper or sprayer to apply the concentrate because completely dunking your nug in concentrate will make it much harder to dry and eventually light.

Once your flower is covered in concentrate, use tongs or tweezers to roll it in kief until it is coated.

Next, let your fresh moon rock dry until it is ready to smoke. Do not worry, it is worth the wait. This high will be unlike any weed high you have had before.

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