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How To Use Puffco Peak: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

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In this day and age, you most likely have either a smartphone, smartwatch, smart tv, smart home security system, or any combination of the four. But do you have a smart dab rig?

If you ask what it is, you probably do not. But, this is exactly what you are getting with the Puffco Peak vaporizer. One of the newest and most advanced rigs on the market, but you absolutely do not sacrifice ease of use or cleanup for its updated technology.

The unique, futuristic feel to Puffco Peak may seem inviting or intimidating depending on who you ask, but the latter is not true so long as you have this User’s Guide.

What is Puffco Peak?

What is Puffco Peak
The Puffco Peak dab rig is literally the latest in dabbing and ‘smart rig’ technology: An electronic vaporizer providing you with customizable settings, easy, hassle-free heating without a messy clean up or weed smell, all wrapped up in a portable and sleek design.

“At Puffco, we are the consumers that we design all of our products for,” says Puffco’s founder and CEO Roger Volodarsky. From a company founded by consumers and enthusiasts like their customers, they kept this in mind while creating the Puffco Peak smart rig.

Said to be one the company’s best products, the Peak rig combines style and functionality to improve every component of a standard rig to give you an unmatched dabbing experience.

Pros to Electronic Dabbing

Assembly and disassembly is a given whether your rig is classic or electronic, but use and clean up is so much easier with electronic dabbing. With the latter, you typically have fewer pieces that not only fit nicer together, but combine to make an airtight design that prevents spillage and makes cleanup as easy as hitting the buttons.

Electronic dabs may be a little more expensive at around $200, but you will literally have a rig that will last you forever with minimal maintenance. Puffco Peak allows for all of this as well as clean, odorless hits thanks to state-of-the-art filtration without losing any potency of your hash.

How to Use Puffco Peak

With every component of a standard device, including a built-in heating element and power source, Puffco Peak’s rig is as easy to use and toggle settings with as it is to smoke your dabs. This guide comes most in handy if you are unboxing and using your smart rig for the first time.

Step 1: Fully Charge

Just like when you first bring home a new phone or tablet, you want to let it fully charge. Thankfully, the Peak and Peak Pro give you warning lights that tell you when you need to charge, so no need to worry about your rig dying halfway through without a head’s up.

In the two and a half hours it will take to charge your new Puffco Peak, you can bake some edibles, hit a dab straw, clean your house or just kick back and watch a movie while you wait: The possibilities are endless!

It may seem like a long time compared to other devices, but the Peak differs from your phone in that you cannot use it while it is charging: All the power is being drawn through the device so the charge will not actually hold. To avoid this, all you have to do is be patient.

Step 2: Fill with Water, Load the Chamber

Your new Peak comes with a masterfully-designed glass attachment that acts as both the mouthpiece and water chamber. Simply fill the cone-shaped glass to the fill line towards the bottom before loading it onto the base. Doing this out of order might cause water and excess moisture to spill through the rig.

Now that your Peak or Peak Pro has water and is all put together, you are ready to turn it on!

Step 3: Toggle Settings, Fill the Bowl

To do this, make sure everything is turned off as you load up your bowl as you do not want any of your dab to burn out or separate, nor do you want to fear that your oil spills out of the bowl (or what Puffco calls, The Atomizer).

The Peak’s bowl is the perfect size for any flower, hash or concentrate you have and will give you a filtered, 5-star hit when it is all said and done. Locate the Power button on the front of the rig (the black Puffco logo) and double tap it to turn on the new device. From there, you can keep clicking the button to shuffle through all the heat settings.

Multi-colored lights indicate the different heat levels: Blue being the least hot with white being the hottest, and everything in between leading up to white. Play around with the different settings until you find the best one for your dab.

Step 4: Ad Carb Cap, Heat it Up

Bowl is loaded, heat is on and the best has yet to come. Once you have your preferred heat settings, wait for about 20 seconds and the Peak should vibrate and flash a green light three times: If it does, you are ready.

Lastly, add the carb cab so that all the heat from the bowl is circulating throughout the dab to create more vapor. To get the most vapor out of every hit, inhale slowly like you would with a joint or vape pen.

Step 5: Light it Up (2 meanings)

Again, the solid green light, after the rig vibrates, indicates that you are a go for the best part of the whole process: Taking hits. Activate your Peak’s “Sesh Mode” by double clicking the button one last time, allowing the rig to produce more vapor and extend the duration of the session.

If you can remember the ‘Red Ring of Death’ from the Xbox 360, Puffco has a very similar lighting directory that lets you know what needs maintenance the second it needs to be fixed.

Here is a really quick summary of what some of those flashing lights mean for your smart rig:

Solid Red that does not blink: The rig is overheated.

Five flashing lights: Short Circuit, contact Support.

Three flashing Red lights: Low Battery, Time to Charge

Multi-Colored ‘Strobe’ Lights: Bad connection between the base and atomizer.

Dabbing Vs. E-Cigs

Dabbing with the best new devices is a dream for many of those who dab regularly, and you obviously get a more potent hit than a vape pen, hence why dabbing has grown in popularity. One hit from a dab compares to the potency of smoking an entire joint of a high-THC strain.

You might get more discreet hits with the latter and a slightly cleaner hit, but you will not find a stronger one beyond new smart rigs like Puffco Peak.

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