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How to Use THC Tincture: 4 Ways to Get the Perfect High

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There are many different ways of consuming your cannabis, most of which we have covered, but as both an alternative to smoking and a versatile ingredient for infusions, look no further than THC tincture. This is the solution to anyone who wants a strong high and the benefits of cannabis without inhaling smoke, trying to get the perfect roll, or have not quite mastered how to make edibles.

We are not exaggerating when we say THC tincture can be used in just about any method of cannabis consumption under the sun. How many of the products in your stash can be put directly on to the skin or condensed down to a single drop? You may have to get a little creative if you decide to smoke with tincture, but it is an option nonetheless. Other than that, you will have a hard time finding an infusion method so perfectly precise in measuring your THC count.

What is Tincture?

While it is not the same as a dab, THC tinctures are very similar to concentrates in that they are made by way of extracting the THC (by way of high-proof alcohol or glycerin) to make a concentrated oil. The most noticeable difference being that tinctures are meant to stay as an oil and not meant to be fashioned into a solid dab.

In short, tincture is the nearly perfect cannabis product with numerous possibilities that anyone can use. They are arguably the most controlled cannabis product as they are often topped with glass droppers, giving you the freedom and flexibility to have any amount of THC you want. Smaller or bigger hits still control this to a certain extent, but not nearly as precisely as you would with measuring out your tincture.

Can you Make it Home?

It may seem like a simple recipe on the surface, so if you think you can make your own tincture at home, you would be right! You simply apply three ounces of the solvent of your choice to an eighth of fresh flower (after it has been decarbed), seal them into a jar then shake and stir together for a couple of minutes before straining your new tincture with some coffee filters.

Much like actual concentrates, a food-grade, high-proof alcohol is a popular solvent for making THC tincture but you also have the choice of using glycerin.

How to Use Tincture

How to Use TinctureAs mentioned, this is one of the easiest cannabis products to use and infuse with, given its healthy THC count per ml and versatile state as a liquid. Said liquid may be identical to CBD oil since they are used exactly the same way (for the most part), but they are different in terms of alcohol content and number of ingredients.

You would genuinely be surprised how many ways you can use a tincture without even touching a vape cartridge or any other smoking device (and even those are still an option).


THC tincture is completely safe to just straight up drink, but the taste might be a little sour. To combat this, simply add your recommended dosage to any of your favorite food or drinks or invest in a tincture with added flavors or (preferably natural) sweeteners.

Consuming orally, and as close to the dosage with as few surroundings as possible, is the quickest way to get the THC to hit and will give you a stronger high than most edibles.

Rub it In

What might not be the best option for CBD tinctures is applying them topically, which would work surprisingly well with THC tinctures. Given that its ingredients are just concentrated THC and one extracting solvent, there is virtually no “padding” to your tincture and the application to the skin is fast and effective for treating bruises.

THC tincture has also been shown to reduce psoriasis while THCA on the skin has been reported to treat acne and sunburns. We will touch more on infusing foods with tinctures, but applying your dosage to an existing cannabis can make it even stronger and more effective.

Under the Tongue

Being an established remedy for pain relief that even predates aspirin, THC tincture is perfect for oral consumption (working very shortly after, as soon as 10 minutes) and is most commonly taken by placing droplets under the tongue. This gets the THC into your body quickly and effectively with only the pure, concentrated tincture while avoiding most of its bitter taste.

Use to Infuse

Cooking with cannabis often involves crushing and decarbing the plant, making cannabutter or honey or extracting THC into a cooking oil. But good news: tincture already has all of this done for you! For example, making an infused tea has never been easier thanks to THC tincture being applied to a dropper to stir directly into your cup of tea.

Benefits of THC Tincture

You could probably already tell by the description (or you may have just seen it for sale), but THC tincture is a discreet yet potent cannabis oil that you can take almost anywhere it is allowed. But like similar cannabis products, this is just one of the many benefits of THC tincture.

Reducing pain and anxiety is among the most common advantages of a dose or prescription of tincture, along with relieving nausea from chemotherapy and improving quality of sleep. THC is also known to reduce muscle spasms in patients with MS, most notably in the back area.

What does it Cost?

Finally, the cost of your THC tincture can vary quite a bit depending on the brand, quality and the size of your bottle, but your standard bottle containing about 5 or 6 doses can be as low as $20. The more potent or high end tinctures can surpass $150, but it is very possible to find a decent supply of THC tincture of good quality for less than $60

We may not be at the point of legalization to prescribe THC tinctures, the closest you would currently get being a specific CBD oil, but the good stuff is still readily available at your local dispensary and online. 

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