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How To Make Weed Tea: 4 Steps To Have a Refreshing Start

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Infusing existing recipes has risen in popularity alongside recreational use, including edibles, becoming more and more common. Edible weed alone is so versatile that one infused cooking oil can be used in just about every recipe you know, even your morning tea.

Weed tea is a fantastic way to include CBD into your everyday diet or to experiment with and try something new with your favorite strains. You obviously have different options on what to infuse your tea with, what tea you want to fuse, how you want to brew it, etc. Again, the real beauty of this form of weed is in its versatility and ease.

Infused Teas

Technically, ‘infused tea’ is a term coined for infusing flavors into your tea, and while this may very well be a flavor, we are obviously talking about weed infusion. It is actually more important to differentiate the two because normal infusion is submerging the herb (or bag) in hot water and then removing it when the tea is however strong you want it, which you cannot do with weed.

On the bright side, weed tea can be as easy as taking some of your tincture or CBD oil (that is already made or can be made at home) and stirring it into your tea: You would get all of the benefits of CBD along with the antioxidants of the tea itself. Sounds like a win-win to us.

How high do I get from weed tea?

Like many fun things involving weed, you need a potent strain or concentrate: something with a good amount of THC, but pick your favorite. You do not have to chug the tea to get high, nor should you because it could burn your mouth, ‘hit’ too much at one time, or both.

How to Make Weed Tea

The recipe for an infused comes across as straightforward but it is extremely complicated:

Infuse oil and stir it in. That is basically the whole recipe. The actual ingredients include:

  • 1-3 grams of flower (depending on how much tea you make)
  • 7 ounces of water per serving (or cup) of tea
  • 1 bag or serving of tea per 7 ounces

As mentioned, adding a special tincture to your tea is the easiest recipe for weed tea, but infusing and stirring in a homemade oil is definitely a close second and can be made in an afternoon or less.

How to Make Weed Tea

Step 1: Boiling Water

Whether you are an expert in the kitchen or your knowledge begins and ends with Top Ramen, this is the easiest step: heat the water for your tea and (optionally) and your bag or herbs.

There isn’t even a measurement you have to follow, just boil enough water for however many batches you want and adjust your tea as needed. Now if you plan on making Iced tea with this recipe (which would be delicious, by the way), you still need hot water just so all the ingredients can heat up and release their aromas and antioxidants, then your tea can be cooled and chilled.

Step 2: Decarb Flower

Decarbing: Also very easy. For the same exact reason as above, you are probably aware that heating up your weed is what releases THC and ‘activates’ your flower to work the way it was intended. This is exactly why we want the flower heated but not yet burned as it is going to heat more when the tea is finished.

The flower itself is probably the only ‘measurement’ in the entire recipe, since you will want to use about 1 gram if you are just making tea for yourself, or 2-3 grams if you want the adult tea party of your dreams. Apart from this, it is fairly easy to ‘eyeball’ your other ingredients, especially if you have a teapot that already measures perfect servings.

Step 3: Infuse Oil or Fat

Cannabutter being the easy and extremely versatile ingredient it truly is, is only an optional addition to be used in a weed tea recipe for pretty obvious reasons. However, you are still left with a myriad of options to infuse the ‘secret’ ingredient of your homemade tea, the best for this recipe being honey or a thin, neutral-flavored oil.

Grind up your flower, ready a double boiler and keep a low simmer for about 30 minutes. From there, add a spoonful to your honey, milk or sweetener and this should fill your kitchen with some incredible aromas.

Step 4: Strain and Stir. Enjoy!

Once you have identified the infusion of your choice, you are only one step away from enjoying your weed tea. That last step is to take a strainer lined with cheesecloth or coffee filters and filter out the excess herb and give it one last stir into your awaiting tea.

Benefits of Weed Tea

Think of the benefits of THC (to an extent), CBD and cannabis all together.

Now think of the benefits of a fresh, homemade herbal tea.

Finally, put them together. Those are the benefits of weed tea.

Antioxidants, energy boosts, anti-inflammation, psychoactives (depending on the strain and how much you use), reducing heart complications and relieving stress, chronic pain and cold symptoms are literally less than half of all the benefits of infusing tea with weed: What results is essentially a man-made superfood (a superdrink, if you will).

‘Brewing’ Options

While adding a few drops of cannaoil is the easiest way to brew your tea, you could obviously grind the decarbed weed to make a makeshift tea bag or cannaoil, as we demonstrated. However, the best options overall could very be adding an infused coconut oil to your existing batch of tea or you could mix the oil or a tincture with honey or sugar.

This would be the perfect way to add sweetness and infusion to your tea all in one step. Imagine the insane flavor of ginseng tea with a coconut oil infused with the taste of your favorite strain. You would want to make the recipe for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and midnight munchies)!

Weed tea is without a doubt an underrated method of consumption that does not require rolling (though some grinding is necessary), baking or for you to breathe the weed into your lungs like smoking or vaping. If anything, you are ‘steaming’ the weed which would give a cleaner vapor.

The recipe could not be any easier to brew and makes a delicious, healthy and infused drink in the time it takes you to boil water (if you have some oil or decarbed flower on standby). Like all great recipes, there is no industry standard or ‘right way’ to do it, so find whatever flavor or method of brewing best suits your taste.

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