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Why Is My Weed Sticky: Learn 4 Scientific Reasons

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You may have come across sticky weed when shopping for your new cannabis stash. Like most smokers, your first reaction would be to avoid and opt for the dryer option. But little did you know that you were making a mistake!

A sticky weed, or sticky-icky, comes from the highest quality cannabis flower. It means if a weed is sticky, it will give you a far more immersive and potent smoking experience than dry weed. 

But why are some weed strains sticky and others dry? It all comes down to their composition. Sticky weed consists of a higher content of resin, trichomes, and cannabinoids compared to other strains. 

So, if you’re looking for a safe and easy way to take your next weed sesh up a notch, consider buying sticky weed. Let’s get into more details to help you select the best strain for your budget, preferences, and goals.

4 Reasons Your Weed Is Sticky

Sticky weed is an excellent way to yield the maximum benefits of cannabis. They contain plenty of trichomes, resins, and cannabinoids, making the icky-sticky possess great properties. Here are some reasons that make sticky weed this awesome:

Weed Flowers

Let’s start with the weed flowers or buds. These are the parts that cannabis growers dry, cure, and grind to make them suitable for smoking, extracting oil, or eating. To get your hands on the best flowers, you must look for the ones growing on the female plant, as they have the highest number of trichomes. 

The easiest way to recognize these weed flowers is through their color. They can be in shades of green, orange, or bright purple. Also, look out for the microscopic hairs (or trichomes) covering the flower. If these hairs are like white crystals, you have found a sticky-icky!


Like humans, weed plants also have glands called trichomes that produce resin. Yes, these are the same white crystal hairs that cover the sticky-icky flower. 

Trichomes have three types, but you should look for the capitate stalked ones using a microscope. These are the largest hairs, producing the best kind of resin. If you look closely, they will appear as mushrooms with small heads and long stems.

The more trichomes on a flower, the higher resin it will make, and the stickier your weed will be. 


You know that trichomes produce resin — the powerhouse of all good things that weed offers. The resin can be translucent, white, off-white, orange, and reddish-brown, depending on the life stage the plant is at. 

The more mature the cannabis, the darker and stickier the resin will be. 

The resin is the primary reason behind the weed’s stickiness, flavor, and smell. It also determines the number and type of cannabinoids a flower contains. In short, the resin is the best, and you should get a weed that has a lot of it. Seriously, no exaggeration. 


We aren’t bored of talking about the resin yet. It contains the main components of cannabis — cannabinoids — the active ingredients that help the plant release its amazing effects inside the user’s body to make them high. 

The four main cannabinoids found in the weed are:

The potency of a weed flower largely depends on its cannabinoid content. So, the more trichomes and resin, the more cannabinoids, and the better your smoking experience. Simple!

Sticky Weed vs. Dry Weed: What Should You Choose?

Sticky Weed vs. Dry Weed: What Should You Choose

Whether sticky or dry, weed gives the best smoking experience either way. But if you’re an amateur smoker trying to understand the difference between both, we will break it down for you in this section. 

Let’s start with the common misconception about the sticky weed. Many people think a weed is sticky because it hasn’t been dried, cured, or processed well. However, that’s not true. No matter how much you dry or cure a sticky-icky, it will always stay sticky-icky!

So, a sticky weed doesn’t mean it wasn’t dried properly; it just contains plenty of resin, trichomes, and cannabinoids. This makes the flower rich in medical benefits and more potent.

Of course, dry weed will also make you high and provide benefits, but they may not be as much as the stickier options. Here are some prominent differences between both types of weed:


With a high cannabinoid content, sticky weed offers an amazing high on less consumption, whether you eat, smoke, or vape it. So, if you smoke two grams of dry weed, you’d have to consume only a gram of sticky weed to achieve the same high level. There is no doubt that sticky-icky is way more potent than its counterpart. 


Sticky weed comes from the highest-quality cannabis flower, containing many cannabinoids, resin, and trichomes. But that doesn’t mean that all types of dry weed are poor quality. You can also find some high-quality dry weed, but it won’t be as great as the sticky-icky.


It’s a simple rule. The more you spend, the better you will get. With all the amazing benefits, sticky weed is priced higher than dry weed. For a quarter ounce, you can expect to pay around $60 to $70 for dry weed and $100 for the sticky-icky.

If you buy in bulk, this price difference will become quite huge. But if you don’t mind spending extra money on something great, go for sticky weed without any second opinion. 

Your Preference

Finally, it all narrows to your preferences and expectations from the weed strain. If you’re tight on a budget, dry weed would be a good option for you. But since you’ll consume less sticky weed than the dry one to achieve the same high level, opting for the former will save you frequent trips to the dispensary if you buy in bulk.

If achieving a higher potency is your main focus, you should go for sticky-icky as it’s rich in all the good things. It also provides quicker relief from medical issues than dry weed. So, if money isn’t a concern, we will recommend the sticky weed!


Contrary to the popular misconception, sticky weed isn’t something to avoid. Instead, it offers way better high effects and benefits than dry weed. Also known as sticky-icky, such weed strains consist of trichomes, resin, and cannabinoids — all giving it a sticky texture and higher potency. 

A high number of these components will ensure that you’re getting high-quality sticky weed flowers. 

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