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Get Your Tools Ready: Learn How To Grow Exotic Weed

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The US dispensaries have different types of weed, out of which most are commonly cultivated or grown in the neighborhood. However, you will see some exotic cannabis strains that are more potent and give a higher euphoric effect.

Exotic weed is rare because of their non-local growth and cultivation. You can easily identify the difference between an exotic and a local weed after consuming it.

Moreover, different sectors highly demand exotic weed, such as dispensaries (for medical purposes) and the cannabis market (for recreational purposes). That’s why this article will tell you more about exotic weed and how to grow it.

What is Exotic Weed?

Exotic weed is a rare kind of cannabis strain that originates from different regions. For example, cannabis from the Middle East or a tropical region is considered exotic. Similarly, stoners living on the West Coast label a strain as exotic, which is grown and cultivated on the East Coast.

Remember that the cannabis world can sometimes become delusional as the term “exotic” might not always mean a non-local weed. For instance, many dispensaries label cannabis as exotic when its lineage is unknown.

Therefore, we’ll learn the differentiating factors between an exotic and an ordinary weed later in this post.

Let’s discuss how to grow exotic weed.

Guide to Grow Exotic Weed

Growing exotic weed is a part of horticulture, so you must learn a few things to master this talent, such as types of cannabis strains and plant growth requirements. The following step-by-step guide will give you a general overview of how to grow exotic weed.

Step 1: Cannabis Seed Selection

You have numerous options available when it comes to cannabis seeds. The most common ones include the following:

  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Ruderalis
  • Hybrids

You can select the cannabis seed by reading its reviews, features, and quality. Moreover, if you have already experienced a cannabis seed before, go for that.

Remember that different seeds react differently in their surrounding. That’s why you must ensure you have plenty of space to grow the exotic weed on your balcony or farm.

Step 2: Determining Growth Factors

Every cannabis strain’s growth depends on the following five factors.


In the initial phase, your cannabis plant needs 18 hours of light daily for perfect growth. You will see progress in 2-3 weeks if you follow the light schedule continuously. After that, the germination phase requires 12 – 8 hours of sunlight.


Water is the source of living for everyone, including cannabis. If your weed farm is open for humidity through the air, you might not need to daily water the plant. But that’s only applicable in a highly humid region, such as South East Asia.

You must water the plant in less humid regions every 12 – 24 hours. Make sure you don’t overwater the exotic weed as it affects the growth. 


The most suitable temperature to grow exotic weed is 27 degrees Celsius. Cannabis plants go into survival mode if exposed to intense cold or hot temperatures where it stops growing. If kept for a long, the plant will die.

Growing Medium

You will find different soil types for different cannabis strains. Each soil type varies in nutrients which is a key factor for the plant’s development. Therefore, choose soil according to the cannabis strain.

Besides, you can add nutrients separately into the soil, which will cost you more.


Your exotic weed plant has nutritional requirements, including:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Compost

Besides light and water, the above nutrients keep the plant alive till its harvest.

Step 3: Indoor Growing Lights

Indoor growing lights for exotic weed are mandatory to ensure its proper development. Many manufacturers and vendors are in the market offering cannabis growing lights. You can measure your farm and buy the required frame for indoor lighting.

These lights help you produce high-quality blossoms by the harvesting season. You can also regulate the intensity of indoor growing lights.

Moreover, the average indoor growing lights for weed farms range from $150 – $350 or more, depending on the area. You can also buy vents, fans, and additional systems to grow exotic weed if required.

Step 4: Vegetative Phase

The exotic weed in the pots will turn green, which shows it’s in the vegetative phase. It also proves that until now, the plant is getting the required light, water, and nutrition.

The vegetative phase lasts depending on the lighting schedule and other growth factors. For instance, the exotic weed in summer might get mature earlier than in winter because of the increased daylight hours. So keep regulating the light by observing the plant’s progress. The trichomes develop with changing colors, meaning the plant is ready to be harvested.

Step 5: Cannabis Harvesting

You must stop providing additional nutrients to the exotic weed to ensure the final cannabis strain comes in the original taste. Moreover, you must clean the plant before harvesting, making the strain devoid of salts and other compost.

Trichomes grow on the cannabis plant when it’s mature. The color of trichomes depends on the strain you are growing. However, the color tells a lot about the exotic weed’s profile. For example, 20 – 30% amber trichomes are rich in THC.

Remember that you must cultivate exotic weed in 24 hours once it becomes mature.

Features of Exotic Weed

Features of Exotic Weed

The following four features differentiate the exotic weed from an ordinary weed.


The exotic weed possesses a vibrant lime or purple color with a thick density. If you want to buy exotic weed, look for sparkling-colored flowers in the cannabis section.


You can compare the aroma of the local cannabis strain and the exotic weed. However, that requires experience; only cannabis connoisseurs can know the difference.


Experts say that the exotic weed is twice as potent as the ordinary cannabis strain. Even the edibles, such as weed brownies, have a higher effect when made with exotic cannabis strains.


Exotic weed is rare, which means you can penetrate the market by DIY growing it. The above exotic weed growing guide consists of general steps. You can research a specific strain to know more about its growth requirements and start growing exotic weed yourself.

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