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10 Unique Household Items To Smoke Weed Out of Creatively

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Have you ever had cannabis but no means to smoke it? Perhaps your pipe broke last week and you are out of papers. If you do not have access to a smoking device or it is too late at night to go out and buy one, you might think that you are out of luck.

But you are not. There are still numerous methods to smoke without a proper device, so do not panic. The procedures listed below may all be completed at home without the need to leave the house or make a purchase.

Pen Pipe

One of the simplest DIY smoking devices is the pen pipe, which may be made by dismantling an unused or non-working pen. You will remove the cap and the bottom of the pen.

Remove the ink cartridge by unscrewing the metal tip of the pen. After that, all you will have is the empty pen to use as a pipe.

The bowl will be made with that metal tip. Simply flip it around and insert it backwards into the pen. Then place your favorite flower in the improvised bowl, light it, and inhale by pressing your lips against the other end of the pen. Make sure it is securely held together and that the metal component does not fall out.

Apple Pipe

This is an old standby that always comes through in a crisis. Not only that, but it is also quite straightforward. The stem, which will create the bowl, must first be removed. After that, drill two holes in the apple, one side will be the mouthpiece and the other will be the carburetor.

After that, fill the top of the apple with the flower, light it, inhale through the hole that is supposed to be the mouthpiece, and cover the carb hole with your finger.

Empty cigarette

If you or someone in your household smokes cigarettes, using an empty cigarette is one of the simplest methods to light up without a pipe or papers.

Remove the cigarette from the pack and hollow out all of the tobacco without tearing the paper. Tweezers are recommended. If you do not smoke spliffs, be careful to remove all of the tobacco before proceeding to the following step.

Fill the empty tube with cannabis and you have got yourself a discreet way to get high. People will smell it, but they may be puzzled as to where it is coming from when they see the cigarette in your hand.

Hot Knives

This approach is potentially dangerous due to the fact that you are heating up metal, so be careful not to burn yourself. Two knives plus a heating source, such as a cooktop, are required for this procedure.

The knives should be heated on a medium-high temperature setting on the stove. Both gas and electric ranges will work. The cannabis buds are placed on one knife and pressed with the other after the blades are suitably heated. As the cannabis heats up, it begins to burn, and the user can then inhale the smoke.

Gravity Bong

A gravity bong is the way to go if you want to create a gadget that produces the best results. Smoking your weed out of this will deliver excellent hits that rival that of a well-rolled joint.

A 2-liter bottle and a bucket will be needed to make the bong. Fill the bucket about halfway with water. After that, you will want to remove the bottom of an empty 2-liter bottle. Make a bowl out of tin foil and put it where the cap usually goes.

Make little holes all over it, and place the weed in it. Light your weed and carefully raise the bottle out of the water. The bottle will begin to fill with smoke. When the bottle is almost out of the water, get ready to inhale the smoke.

Push the bottle back down into the water as you inhale. The smoke should shoot down your lungs for a huge hit. This technique should be used with caution. The hit may be quite strong if you are not prepared.

Those who are not familiar with the process generally cough a lot. If you are a seasoned smoker, on the other hand, you should have a very effective and pleasurable experience.

Water bottle bong

The water bottle bong, often known as the “nadoo” or even a “waterfall,” is arguably one of the cheapest and most handy methods to smoke some fast weed. It is not the healthiest of DIY smoking gadgets, so use caution while taking huge drags, but it will get you to the level you want.

To begin, you will need a lighter and a pretty clean, empty plastic bottle. It does not matter what you use as long as there is enough area for smoke to build up. Burn two holes into the surface, one near the bottom (this will be your carb) and the other just above the product name on the top (your bowl). Take some tin foil and make a little bowl.

Poke holes into your foil bowl and place it over the hole you made towards the top of the bottle. Light your cannabis with your finger over the carb like you would any other bowl, just like you would with an apple pipe.

Pop can

Cans of soda make solid emergency pipes. To achieve this, create a small crater on the side of an empty can towards the bottom. Use a needle or a pushpin to make holes. With the pushpin, you can also construct a little carburetor on the side.

Simply place the cannabis on top of the crater, light it, inhale with your finger on the carb, then let go and inhale the hit. Carbs are beneficial since they allow for better airflow.

Glass jar vaporizer

In comparison to the other DIY smoking devices, this one requires more craftsmanship and a few more household goods. The end result, the iconic glass jar vaporizer, is unlike anything you have ever smoked if you have got the enthusiasm.

The required items include:

  • Wire clothes hanger that has been dismantled
  • Glass jar with a tin top
  • Pair of screws
  • Two nuts (or a bowl-like surface)
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • 20 inches of tubing
  • Shot glass
  • Tiny candle

Cut two holes on the top of the tin lid, one for the shot glass and the other for the screw. Wrap your wire hanger twice around the lid to make a stand, leaving one end protruding from the circle and the other extending outward, away from the lid.

Connect the tubing to the screw on top of the lid to complete this gnarly device. Fill the shot glass with cannabis, cover it with the lid, and vape it with your favorite candle. You now know how to create your own vaporizer at home.

Starburst pipe

Despite the fact that it is a touch sticky, this is a fun crafts project that also happens to be one of the cutest handmade smoking devices. After you have the proper amount of Starburst candies, ranging from 5-7, simply stack and shape them into a pipe.

Squish them together until they are well-glued together. Using a skewer, poke a hole in the shaft of your Starburst pipe. Then twist the skewer at an angle on one end of the pipe to make a bowl.

At this point, you might want to put it in the fridge for a few minutes to firm it. It may have become too soft while you were handling it. Once the pipe has set, you may fill it with cannabis and smoke it.

Carrot one-hitter

Carrot one-hitters are simple to make. Using a screwdriver, or skewer, make a hole down the center of the carrot from one end to the other. Carve a bowl on one side of the carrot. Pack your ground-up weed here. Place your mouth on the side farthest from the bowl to inhale.

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