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How Often to Water Cannabis

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Cannabis growers often make a mistake by overwatering the field. You must know that properly watering cannabis is equally important as rehydrating weed to get the best result. Since the plan goes through different development stages, knowing how often you should water cannabis is mandatory.

Just like us, cannabis has around 80% water. But that doesn’t mean you keep the pot full of water 24/7. Doing so only affects the yield, and you might get reduced produce than expected.

This article will share the frequency of watering cannabis and how to properly do it.

How Often Must You Water Cannabis?

First, you must ask the seller about the watering requirement of the strain you buy. Moreover, autoflowering and feminized strains need different watering schedules because of their biological requirements.

Several factors affect the watering of cannabis, which we’ll discuss later. You must remember this technique to check whether your cannabis plant needs watering. Dig your finger in the soil and see if it’s dry up to one inch. That means the cannabis needs water.

Another technique is to check the pot’s weight. If it’s light, water the plant.

The four cannabis development stages also affect cannabis watering frequency.

Cannabis Development Stages

Every cannabis plant goes through the following four stages.


The germination stage doesn’t require daily watering, especially in a humid region. The moisture in the environment keeps the soils wet, allowing seeds to stay hydrated.

Experts suggest watering cannabis seeds every 3-6 days during germination.


You also don’t need to daily water the cannabis pot during seedling. Although the nascent seedling looks delicate and fragile, it fulfills its hydration requirements from the wet soil. You might damage the seedling if you overwater it.

You can check whether the seedling needs water by putting your finger into the soil. If it’s in there, water the pot. Remember that the container’s size also matters while watering the seedling. The recommended watering cycle in the seedling stage is 4-7 days.


This stage needs more water than the seedling and germination stages because now the plant is growing with leaves and branches. Follow the method of checking the soil’s dampness and decide whether cannabis needs watering.

Overwatering cannabis in the vegetative stage also damages its growth. Therefore, check the soil’s water level and water the pot every 2-4 days.


Cannabis plants have specific nutritional requirements once they mature. They want different watering cycles, and some even might want specific soil types.

In the flowering stage, the cannabis plant absorbs water faster than in any other stage because of the growing flowers. So, water your cannabis plant in 2-3 days and keep testing the soil to avoid overwatering.

Factors to Consider While Watering Cannabis

The following factors will help you properly water cannabis.

Growth Stage

You must know the growth levels of the cannabis plant. Each growth level has different watering requirements. If you don’t fulfill or go beyond those requirements, you might not get the expected harvest at the season’s end.

So, the above four growth stages are a must to understand. You can also consult an expert grower regarding the watering requirement for your first grow tent of cannabis.

Temperature and Humidity

Cannabis plants grow faster in mild temperatures. Remember that hot temperature boosts evaporation which is good for cannabis. However, that will increase humidity which might cause overwatering.

So, ensure the temperature of the weed tent is moderate, which will cause normal humidity.

Pot Size

The pot size must be optimum for the cannabis plants. For example, during the germination and seedling stage, cannabis needs less space to grow. Once it reaches maturity, you can transfer the plant from one pot to another.

Upgrading pot size is important because as the cannabis plant grows, it needs more space. Moreover, ensure the pot has drainage holes at the bottom. Draining surplus water from the pot is another important phenomenon.

If water doesn’t drain from the pot, it will take longer to evaporate and keep the soil wet all the time. That gives rise to mold growth and fungus that damage the plant.


Two soil types are used to retain water in the cannabis pots:

  • Perlite – It’s an acidic rock formed by volcanic eruptions. This soil can absorb almost 2-3 times more water than its own weight.
  • Cococoir – It’s a fibrous soil that also keeps water absorbed in the cannabis pot.

Therefore, you must choose a suitable medium to keep your cannabis healthy and hydrated.

Correct vs. Incorrect Cannabis Watering

Correct vs. Incorrect Cannabis Watering

Expert growers have differentiated between correct and incorrect cannabis watering. Here is the guide.

Signs of Correct Watering

The leaves of the cannabis will be fresh, green, and erect. You will see no curling weed leaves in the plant. Moreover, you will see no mold growth or fungus in or outside the pot.

While watering, you will see the soil quickly absorbs water and remains wet for a long time. That’s a sign that your cannabis plant needs water and will stay hydrated for a day or two.

Signs of Incorrect Watering

First, the cannabis plant’s leaves will turn yellow due to underwatering. That usually happens when you forget to water the plant for more than 3 days. Also, the leaves will become droopy. That’s another sign that the cannabis plant is dehydrated.

Remember to carefully water a dehydrated plant because its leaves have become more fragile. The intense water pressure might damage the leaves and branches.

In the overwatering condition, your plant will have fresh green but droopy leaves.


You must check the watering requirement by inserting your finger in the soil. If it’s dry, you must water the cannabis plant. While watering the plant, ensure water reaches the bottom of the soil.

When the water reaches the pot’s bottom, some of it will be drained. That’s the sign that you must stop watering. A cannabis pot full of water will be heavy and might not require watering for 24-48 hours.

You can also maintain a cannabis watering log to properly follow a schedule and grow the best yield at the season’s end.

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