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How To Smoke Without Papers: 5 Easily Available Alternatives

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Ever got in the mood for smoking weed but found that you’re out of papers? If you’re a pro smoker, you might keep your stash full all the time. But even then, you can’t avoid the inevitable. So, instead of cursing your fate, it’s best to figure out how to smoke when you don’t have papers.

You can use several alternatives to enjoy your smoking sessions without the paper. Most of these materials must already be in your home; all you have to do is find and use them correctly. It could be a bottle pipe, gravity bong, organic material pipe, hot knife, etc. 

So, are you ready to smoke despite all the odds? Let’s check out the 5 best ways to indulge in your favorite weed without papers.

1. Gravity Bong

Not many people know, but a gravity bong gives a more potent feel of high than paper. So, if you want to test your limits, make a gravity bong with a big plastic jug or a 2-liter bottle. There are two ways you can do so. 

First, you’d have to make a hole at the bottom of the jug or bottle. Make another hole in the cap or lid, big enough to insert an aluminum foil bowl. Now, place the weed in the bowl and fill the bottle with water while sealing the bottom hole with your finger.

As the bottle gets full, place its cap back and remove the finger from the bottle to let the water flow. Make sure to hold the bong over the sink. Finally, light the bowl immediately, and you will see thick weed smoke clouds coming out. 

The second method is to cut the bottle in half and put it in the water bucket. Light it while pushing it down in the bucket, and the water will turn into smoke from the top half. Remove the cap and enjoy smoking through your DIY gravity bong.

2. Hot Knife

The hot knife is an old-school technique to enjoy the real flavor of weed without requiring papers or pipes. You will need a long knife for this method. Once found, heat its end until it starts producing smoke when you put weed on it. 

But don’t start smoking instantly. Instead, wait for some time for the knife to become super hot. Doing so will give you the best essence of your cannabis concentrate

However, if you’re struggling with inhaling the vapors, you can make a DIY dome at home to capture them. Cut a soda bottle in half and put the top part on the knife to easily smoke through the opening. That’s the quickest hack to enjoy weed when you’re out of papers. 

3. Weed Cigarette

If you have cigarettes on hand, you can use them to smoke cannabis without needing papers. Just hollow out the tobacco from the cigarette without damaging the paper. It may seem impossible through hands, so try tweezers to do it comfortably.

After emptying the cig, fill it in with weed, blaze it up, and smoke it like usual. Yes, the process may seem time-consuming, but the result is even greater than using paper.

4. Pipe from Organic Materials

While plastic bottles make great bongs, they can harm the environment. So, if you want a sustainable alternative to smoking, you can make pipes out of organic materials, such as vegetables and fruits. Yes, no jokes!

Some great options are:

Carrot Steamroller

Carrot steamrollers are an easy way to smoke without papers. Since carrots are hard to carve in, you need a stronger tool like a screwdriver. 

Once found, make a hole from one end of the carrot to the other. Then, poke a pathway on the carrot’s top to stack the weed close to one side. Cover this hole, put your mouth on the other side, and light up the bowl. 

Release the finger when you have inhaled sufficient smoke. The steamroller will push all the smoke in your lungs for a flavorful weed experience.

Apple Pipe

If you want to have a sweet-smoking experience, apples are your best choice. Take a slim pen and insert it from the top of the apple to make a hole till its half core. Now, make another hole in the fruit’s side to create an opening for the mouth. 

Fill the weed from the apple’s top, light it, and inhale the smoke from the mouthpiece on the side. You will love how well the apple’s sweetness and the weed’s potent taste blend in.

Watermelon Bong

Watermelon bongs are ideal if you don’t mind making extra efforts for a great weed sesh. It works similarly to a typical bong, producing smoother smoke but through water filtration. Just get a watermelon and hollow its inside to start making the bong. 

Once completely hollow, fill it with water and make a diagonal hole into its side for the bowl or downstream. Finally, poke another hole from the watermelon’s top, large enough to let the water in but not bigger than your mouth. 

Enjoy your cool watermelon bong and get as high as you can!

5. Delicious Weed Edibles

How about eating weed? If it sounds cool, you’re in for this fun yet delicious hack to enjoy weed without papers.

While you can enjoy the easiest weed firecrackers, brownies also make a great option. Remember, the real flavor of cannabis can only be felt when you heat it enough to decarboxylate. So, do that before using the weed in any of the recipes.

Now, suppose you’re in the mood for firecrackers. In that case, you will need peanut butter, crackers, and weed. You can also substitute the peanut butter with Nutella. 

After gathering all the ingredients, preheat your oven to 220 degrees and grind the weed meanwhile. Then, spread it over a tray and bake it for 30 to 60 minutes. Keep an eye on the weed; lower the temperature if you see it releasing vapors.

Now, mix the weed with the peanut butter or Nutella and put at least ½ gram of the batter on each cracker. Place another cracker on each to make sandwiches. Finally, cover them with aluminum foil and put them in the oven at 250 degrees. 

Wait 20 to 30 minutes to get high in the most delicious way possible!


Your smoking sessions don’t have to be spoiled just because you are out of papers. With some effort and creativity, you can make easy cannabis smoking options — some of which give even greater results than smoking with a paper. 

So, whether you choose the hot knife, gravity bong, or cigarette, we assure you an immersive, enjoyable, and memorable weed sesh. All these alternatives work amazingly!

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