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How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System? Learn the Truth!

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CBD is one of the best options for cannabis consumption just based on its medicinal benefits alone. Anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation and migraines are just some of the conditions that are treatable CBD, all without the psychoactive side of more potent strains.

While it is still technically a drug and not fully recognized as a medicine, CBD mixed with THC will still fail a drug test, so it is good to know how long it stays in your system. Generally, cannabidiol can be out of your system in one week unless you are consuming it daily, but multiple factors will determine how long it stays in your individual system.

Does CBD Get Me High?

On its own, CBD will not get you high. This is the main reason many doctors and specialists prescribe CBD as it is safe and effective without giving you the “high” that some of the most popular cannabis strains are known for.

THC is the main psychoactive component in cannabis that causes your high, but your preferred strain of CBD will either have none or small, barely-detectable traces that are not enough to hallucinate. Granted, this brings forth the question “If CBD does not get me high, why am I tested for it at a job?” The answer: It depends on the strain.

Some CBD products do contain THC and those products will show up in a drug test, and give a positive result, but pure CBD would not. It is an extraction of the cannabis flower that does not inebriate or cause any sort of intoxication, but a certain amount of added THC or other infusions or psychoactives would get you high.

How Long will it stay in my System?

How Long will it stay in my System

A few things can determine how long it will stay in your system, but in general, CBD can last at least 2 days in your system and up to 5 (but again, this will vary).

The question now is: Does that change when you factor consumption frequency or method? While frequent cannabis use may gradually make you unaffected by side effects (if any), the amount of time it stays can also change depending on your method of consumption.


According to the Center For the Advancement of Health, CBD oil, specifically, can stay in your system for 4-24 days. You can (and should) always check the label or with the dispensary if you want to know the other ingredients in your oil. But since it cannot legally contain more than 0.3 percent THC, it is unlikely that it will make you fail a test.

As with most substances, CBD does not suddenly become undetectable once you no longer feel the effects. While 8 hours is typically the max for the benefits to be in effect, it could stay in your bloodstream closer to the initial 2 days, while any traces of THC can be detectable in urine for over nearly a month for moderate use.

The ever-growing popularity of CBD oil will have users trying it in different ways, the most common of which is the oil being rubbed on the skin or placed directly on the tongue. By doing this, you allow the CBD to enter your body faster, resulting in the benefits working faster.

CBD Gummies

Possibly the easiest form of CBD consumption, just chew and swallow, wait about an hour max, and you are good to go. Sparing the gross details, stuff that you eat generally works its way out of your body pretty quick, so are these gummies the same way? “No” is the short answer.

The slightly longer answer: The CBD in your gummies will stick around in your saliva for 3 to 5 days on average (depending on how much you use, how often you consume, etc.), but if you are planning to donate blood or plasma after your dose, you may only have to wait 5-6 hours. CBD will last for different times in different areas of the body, so always keep that in mind.

Heavy Use

The biggest determining factor, among many, is if you use your CBD heavily. If prescribed by your doctor, you can take your CBD every day (so long as it is a reasonable dose) with little to no side effects, the only ‘exception’ being that it will stay in your system much longer.

It would take 20,000mg of CBD for the product to be considered dangerous, but that assumes you would take all of it in less than a day. Since that is all but impossible, you can rest easy knowing that an overdose is likely not in your future.

Daily use would easily result in CBD staying in your urine for over a month, compared to less than a week for first-time and occasional consumers. Again, pure CBD is a non-issue.

But, if you have a strain that contains even a small amount of THC and you are consuming into the territory of excess, that will not only show up in a drug test but remain detectable for an extended time.

Can I get it out faster?

The most obvious solution is to either stop or lessen your consumption. This will not immediately drop your amount of CBD or THC back down to reasonable levels, but it will prevent it from getting any more prevalent and lead the way for the ‘detox’ process.

No one, single solution will take your CBD to zero, but you have several options to speed up the process of getting it out of your system if you need it to. Exercise and physical activity are among the top, along with lots of fiber, lots of water and a normal dose of specialized pills recommended by your doctor.

Does it show up in a Drug Test?

No, CBD alone does not create a positive test result, nor is it screened for in most tests. The only way that it can be detected is if either the CBD oil or gummy contains more than 0.3% THC or anything else that would show up in a drug test, making the product detectable as a whole.

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