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11 Things to Do When High Alone at Night

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You’re alone and stoned in your apartment on a random Tuesday. What can you do? Well, a lot.

There’s no limit to having fun when high. But you’re not always around other people for company or group leisure. That doesn’t mean getting high alone has to be boring.

Let’s look at some things you can do when high alone at night.

11 Things to Do When High and Alone at Night

Let’s just preface this by saying that not everyone will like the same kind of activities. While some people unleash their creative sides when high, others just want to binge-watch The Vampire Diaries again.

At the end of the day, you get to decide what you want to do when high alone. We’re just here to provide some suggestions.

1. Get Creative

It’s a long-running belief that weed makes you creative. While that has been debunked, being high indeed makes you more jovial. Due to this, it’s easier to come up with creative ideas and solutions that you would never have thought of when sober.

Here are some creative activities to try when high alone:

  • Painting/Sketching: Got some paintbrushes or a pencil lying around? Try your hand at a sketch or a picture. You don’t have to go all van Gogh (see what we did there!) on the canvas. Just follow an online tutorial or draw something out of memory.
  • Writing: If you don’t usually have a knack for writing, you can give it a shot when high. The fuzzy feeling often gets stuff out that you push to the back of your mind in sobriety. It may be fun to create a journal where you write your thoughts every time you’re high.

2. Jam to Music

You’re high. You’re alone. There’s no friend around telling you to change the song.

So, jam to whatever your heart desires. Whether you want to live your 1D nostalgia or get lost in old-school hip-hop, just blast the music and enjoy.

3. Do Boring Stuff

Does your dryer need cleaning? You’ve probably been putting it off for weeks because it’s the most tedious chore ever.

Guess what? Boring things also become interesting when you’re high. So, it’s high time (pun intended) you finish your pending chores.

Play your favorite playlist in the background, and you’ll be done with whatever it is you need to do even before you know it.

4. Plan a Trip

Most people plan to go to ‘safe’ and ‘trendy’ places when they plan trips sober. Try planning a trip when you’re high and alone.

You might find yourself pushing your boundaries and willing to explore places you wouldn’t even look at twice otherwise. After all, not every trip has to be an Instagram-worthy aesthetic spot, does it?

5. Play Video Games

Thanks to online gaming, you don’t need a second player sitting next to you. Simply find a mate online or play alone.

Games like Stardew Valley, The Sims, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons are perfect for a solo session. You can also try more intense games like Fortnite and Apex Legends for a serious competitive edge.

We won’t recommend playing virtual reality games since you’re already high. Overstimulation might make you nauseous, and cleaning your puke off the carpet is the last thing you want to do when high and alone.

6. Bake Something

Brownies are the first thing that comes to mind. But you can also make nachos, baked potatoes, or just put together a pizza. Or, give this weed gummies recipe a try. 

Just be careful not to leave the flame open after you’re done. Stay away from an open flame, turn the oven off after baking, and steer clear of sharp knives and similar objects.

7. Order In

Eating while high and alone can be risky business, but it’s a lot of fun. You’d want to eat the whole junk food aisle if you’ve got the munchies. So, it’s essential to be wary of overindulging when high.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot Uber Eats a nice meal. Order your favorite thing and watch it with whatever you’re hooked on on Netflix.

8. Meditate

Your brain is already in a relaxed state. Why not leverage it?

Download an app like Headspace and follow the on-screen instructions or video if you’ve never meditated before. If you already have a meditation routine, follow it.

You can also play relaxing music in the background to set the ambiance. The key is to get in ‘zen’ mode and let your body rid itself of built-up stress. 

9. Play With Your Pets

Pets can be the best company when you’re high. They are not only fluffy and loving but also crave your attention and love being around you.

Lay on the floor with your pup and spend quality time with it. Or cuddle your cat if that’s the kind of thing it enjoys. If you’ve got a fish tank, admire the peaceful fish swimming around gracefully.

10. Sit Outside

If you have a yard in your house, you can sit outside at night and watch the traffic passing by. We’d advise staying off the road, whether driving or walking. Just watch from afar.

Bring your headphones along and play music outdoors. You can also gaze at the stars in an open sky and look for constellations or satellites passing by.

11. Take a Shower

Ready to call it a night? Hop in the shower with music blasting in your Bluetooth speaker. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can light some candles and give yourself a foot massage or a nice scrub.

What next? Get in your comfiest pair of jammies and slip under the sheets. Avoid using your phone since it will disrupt your sleep pattern. Instead, listen to calming music or read a magazine to tire yourself out.


While getting high with friends is fun, doing it alone can be just as enjoyable. You can tap into your creative side, listen to music, watch TV, enjoy self-care time, or simply do nothing. Ultimately, getting baked alone allows you to recharge your batteries and relax without the social obligations of a party.

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