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The Best Places To Smoke Weed Anywhere, Anytime

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Any place is a good place to smoke weed as long as you’ve got a strong joint, some sense of privacy (or a similar crowd), and the will to have a great time. But every once in a while, you need some ideas to try new places for smoking weed. We’ve got some good ones.

Best Places to Smoke Outside Your Home

Are you feeling a little adventurous? That’s a signal to go out to smoke. Here are some places where you can smoke weed safely.

In the Woods

Why not reconnect with nature while also connecting with your higher self? Roll a joint – or a few – and fill a basket with some snacks for a hiking trip up a hill. Or you can head out with a buddy at night and find a crevice in the woods to share your joint.

If you’ve got a group of friends who’re down to have a good time, plan a bonfire in the woods. Pass some joints around, dance to your Spotify playlist, tell horror stories, and eat some roasted marshmallows while you’re at it.

At the Beach

If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, you can smoke a joint at the beach too. Check your weather forecast app to find the perfect day for a bong at the beach, and get your beach shoes on for the adventure.

The waves crashing the backdrop will elevate the experience by a ton. Just make sure you don’t smoke with kids around. Also, don’t smoke too close to other people or families since it would make them uncomfortable.

On a Rooftop

From Superman’s Fortress of Solitude to Ted Mosby’s apartment building’s rooftop in How I Met Your Mother, rooftops have always been considered a place of solitude and escape. If you have access to a nearby building, such as a friend’s house, that has a rooftop, you can have an amazing time smoking with your friends.

You can create a whole experience with some snacks and a couple of blankets to keep the chill away. Depending on how long you plan to stay out, you might see the morning sun peeking through the clouds.

We won’t recommend doing this if you have a fear of heights. Being high at such a height (pun intended) could worsen your fear or anxiety.


Time to channel the Wednesday Addams hiding inside you! Whether it’s Halloween or not, smoking weed at the cemetery is a sure-shot way to feel eerily alive.

Again, don’t go camping on a grave if you scare easily. Take a friend along or go early in the morning when there’s some daylight to keep you from being spooked.

Pool Party

If you have an invitation to a pool party, we’ve got a suggestion for you to make it ten times better. Get a bong or a bubbler to your friend’s backyard pool and make a splash.

Smoking in a swimming pool is quite a fun experience, thanks to the contrast between the heat from the bong and the cold from the water. Do not go in for a dive after smoking to prevent accidents.

New Year’s Fireworks

Whether you watch the fireworks from your apartment window or a public place, the best way to make the experience even better is to light up a joint along with the fireworks.

Weeds enhance the visuals even more, making the colors brighter and the acoustics more enhanced. What better way to welcome the new year?

Best Places to Smoke At Home

Best Places to Smoke At Home

You don’t always have to sit on your couch for a smoking sesh. Here are some other places at home where you can enjoy a blunt.

In the Yard

Is the weather nice outside? It’s a good reason to smoke a joint in the yard. Make an experience out of it by inviting friends over for a barbeque party, or just lay out on your lawn with a drink in hand. You can also pick up gardening to take it up a notch.

In Your Car

If you want a change of space, you can also smoke weed in your car. Don’t go for a drive, though.

Sit in the back seat and burn a joint with your favorite music playing in the background. If you don’t want your car to get a skunky smell, open the windows and blast the fans. Or, spritz a bit of air freshener.

If you’ve got a non-smoker friend who doesn’t mind second-hand smoke, request them to offer their services as the designated driver. With a non-smoking driver, you can go on a long drive with your friends, passing the joint around while jamming to your favorite artist.

In the Shower

We don’t mean you should be smoking as you stand under a stream of water. But if you have a safe place to dry off before turning on the water, you can definitely smoke in the shower.

Hop into the shower right after you’re done smoking for a truly awesome experience. Don’t forget to keep your waterproof speakers on the sink for an even better effect.

Best Places to Smoke Weed Outside the Country

If you’re ready to commit to it, there’s no reason not to vacation in a weed-friendly area. We’ve got some suggestions.

Christiania, Denmark

Known as the ”Freetown Christiania,” this Danish area is known for its weed-smoking culture. However, weed is not legal there. So, you should be careful with your smoking habits.

Cape Town, South Africa

Although public consumption of weed is a criminal offense in South Africa, Cape Town has a ton of member-only apothecaries where you can smoke pot with like-minded locals. The Cannibisters Herbal Apothecary is one such place. You can also consume cannabis in private places.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona had decriminalized weed for personal use, but it’s illegal to show or carry weed in public. You can smoke in private places or cannabis social clubs. With over 300 such clubs in Barcelona, the latter isn’t so hard to do.


Summing up, there’s no shortage of new and fun places to smoke weed. Just be sure not to disturb others or blow smoke in passersby’s faces.

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