How to Roll a Cross Joint?

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The exaggerated size of a joint was the gold standard in pot-comedy for thirty years, after the 1978 Cheech and Chong classic Up in Smoke came out. That all changed when the movie Pineapple Express was released in 2008. In this stoner comedy, we first see the “cross joint,” when James Franco pulls out a fat joint with arms, needing Seth Rogen to help him light it.

The joint has seemingly always been the iconic symbol for weed but the creation of the cross joint takes it to a whole new level.

Basic knowledge of joint rolling is helpful when learning how to roll a cross joint. Practice makes perfect; any novice with the adequate tools and supplies should be able to roll a cross joint reasonably well with enough patience.

how to roll a cross joint

Rolling papers

Rolling papers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, flavors, and materials. Choosing the right papers can seem daunting.

Anyone who has watched their beautiful joint fall apart at the seams knows that a joint is only as strong as its glue.

Grinding weed

Getting the right consistency grind is critical when learning how to roll a cross joint. Even after using a grinder, make sure to remove any sharp pieces of stem or other woody bits that might poke through the rolling paper.

Rolling a cross joint requires a decent pile of ground flower. Grinding up an eighth of weed (or more) should be a sufficient amount.

Joint rolling tips

  • When rolling a joint make sure the glue strip is at the top of the paper facing you.
  • The shape of the joint will be dictated by how you distribute the cannabis in the paper and where you squeeze the joint when rolling.
  • Cone-shaped joints are more difficult to roll but smoke more smoothly than straight rolled joints.
  • If you want to include a filter, roll up a cardboard tip and put it in the mouth-side of the joint. This will keep all of the weed inside the joint and out of your mouth.
  • Roll the joint from the middle of the paper outward, letting your thumbs do the work.
  • The most successful joints are firm but not too tight, you need to be able to draw smoke. Loose joints burn fast and uneven.

What do you need to roll a cross joint?

All good joints start with the proper tools. The supplies you need to roll a cross are not that different from what you would use to roll a regular joint. In both cases, using quality papers, a good grinder, and well-cured weed are the keys to success. If you want to do things right, grab a rolling tray. This will help to contain all loose weed. The necessary supplies are:

  • Your favorite strain of cannabis.
  • Grinder.
  • Full-size rolling papers.
  • Small rolling paper.
  • Pin, needle, tooth-pick, or other small, sharp object.
  • Scissors.
  • A friend to help light the extra tips of your finished cross joint (optional).

Step 1: Roll a fat joint

First, roll a fat joint using the full-size rolling paper. Grind up your favorite strain of cannabis and stuff this joint full of much more bud than you would for a typical smoke session. The more cannabis in your joint, the easier the cross joint is to build.

This is the foundation of the cross-joint, the length, and width of this joint will influence the size of the second joint. The diameter of the first joint needs to be able to accommodate another joint through it perpendicularly. The thickness of a marker is a good reference, though you can always go bigger.

It is also important when you roll up the joint, that you leave the end a little empty. This way when you are ready to start smoking, it will be easier for you to light it up.

Step 2: Roll a skinny joint

Next, roll a thin joint to use as the “cross” section of your cross joint. Rolling a thinner joint makes it easier to assemble, while one closer in size to the larger joint makes for a more even burn. When finished, leave a twist at both ends of your thin joint.

Step 3: Make a hole in the fat joint

Once the largest joint is rolled up, use a paper clip to make a hole through the joint from one side to the other. Locate the hole approximately 3/4 of the way from the base of the joint. Once the hole is made, work carefully to enlarge the hole to a size similar to that of the smaller joint. Do not make it too big or else you will have to re-roll this.

Step 4: Make a hole in the skinny joint

Be careful not to forget this step. Once the hole in the large joint is made, make a new hole, but in the center of the smaller joint. The hole does not have to be as big as the other joint, but at least twice the size of the clip or needle used to make the hole.

This hole is important because it will allow air to flow from the tip of the joint to the back end. Forgetting this step will make rolling the cross joint almost impossible to smoke, as the ends will only burn, and you will not be able to inhale the smoke into your lungs.

Step 5: Connect the two joints

Once the holes are made, insert the smaller joint through the hole of the larger joint. Make sure the holes you made in the smaller joint are aligned inside the larger joint. For this step, it is recommended that this joint be as small as possible, especially if it is your first time doing it so that this step is easier for you.

Step 6: Seal the joints together

Once the two joints are in the shape of a cross, cut or rip the glue strip off of two other rolling papers to wrap the center of the rolling cross joint, sealing them both to avoid letting any smoke out. Wrap in diagonal directions to ensure they are secure.

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