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How To Hide Being High: 9 Things To Conceal Immediately!

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As cannabis is now legal in many states, people are typically less judgmental when they find someone smoking weed. Still, there are some places you’d rather not be high. Whether it’s an unexpected guest or a work meeting, the red eyes and herbal smell can be a dead giveaway of your last night’s smoking session. 

Sobering up and hiding your high takes time, which is the very thing you don’t have in these situations. Luckily, there are a few ways you can instantly appear normal even when being high. Let’s check them out in this guide.

What Should You Hide

Most signs of smoking pot are obvious, making it clear that you’re high. Red eyes, intense cravings, and forgetfulness may seem stereotypical, but they happen to many stoners. Here’s what you need to hide when you don’t want to seem high.

The Smell

The first thing any visitor would notice is the smell of burnt marijuana. Luckily, getting rid of the smell is no rocket science. You can spray Febreeze around the room and open up the windows.

Many people would opt for colognes and body sprays, but that can go south. They’re often a dead giveaway you’ve been smoking in the room. Instead, go for a mild air spray to overpower the smoky scent. 

Remember, you most likely reek of weed as well. If possible, change your clothes before your visitors arrive and brush your teeth to get rid of the smell. You can also opt for mint and lotion if you’re on the go. 

Red Eyes

Another obvious sign of being high is red eyes. Many stoners think it’s because of the smoke of their joints, but the real culprit is THC. It can reduce your blood pressure from various parts of the body, especially your eyes.

This causes vasodilation, in which blood vessels expand and contract, resulting in red eyes. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to get rid of this appearance. You can use Visine or any other eye-whitening drops to make them appear normal.

But it’s crucial not to overuse this trick, as you may develop a tolerance to these products. This can lead to chronic red-eye or rebound hyperemia. 

Squinted Eyes

Once your eyes are no longer red, you can also stop squinting. Cannabis dilates your pupils, making your eyes more sensitive to light. So, you may unintentionally squint your eyes and make your high obvious.

Of course, squinting eyes or a pair of sunglasses can also make it obvious that you’ve been smoking pot. A more realistic solution is to practice keeping your eyes open when you’re high. It’s best to do this alone to prepare for your next time out.

Uncontrollable Laughter

The euphoria from smoking weed can manifest in many strange ways. You may find yourself laughing uncontrollably over things that should only elicit a chuckle. Don’t worry: it’s normal to find everything absurd when you’re high!

Although it’s a wonderful state of mind to be in, the joke is often lost on others. You may be surrounded by people who have no idea what you’re laughing at. It’s obvious that you’re stoned.

In that case, it’s better to leave the room to conceal your laugh. If possible, ask a trusted buddy to accompany you and let you know when it goes too far.


The way humans remember things is a complex process. Our hippocampus only stores memories it considers crucial enough for a smooth and efficient thought process. Weed affects your brain in many ways, altering this process.

Unfortunately, THC hijacks the hippocampus and affects memory function. You may lose track of your thoughts mid-sentence, making it obvious that you’re high. We recommend practicing memory games when high to regain control. 

Excessive Talking

Weed can also make you talk way more than you usually would. When you’re high, you may notice details about the world you’ve never considered before. It only makes sense you’d want to talk about it as long as possible.

The chatty stoner is not a rare sight, so don’t feel embarrassed. Unfortunately, it does make it very clear that you’re high. 

It’s normal to feel compelled to discuss a topic at great length when you’re high. Instead of talking it out, we recommend journaling on your phone to conceal your high. If they’re still worth sharing when you’re no longer high, you’ll still have them!

Intense Cravings

Shown best as Shaggy and Scooby, the munchy stoner may seem like a false stereotype. But there’s a lot of truth to this character, as cannabis can give you intense cravings. Some research even suggests that THC can turn off the part of your brain that makes you feel full. 

If your visitors find you uncharacteristically scarfing down your food, they may connect the dots. If you get the munchies, comfort yourself with the thought that you won’t starve in a few hours. Instead, take your time with the meal or avoid food altogether. 

Couch Lock

Instead of the usual reactions, getting high can also lead to couch lock. That’s when you find yourself too relaxed and unable to move from one spot. You may have heavy limbs and difficulty paying attention to anything. 

In most cases, the onset of couch lock depends on the strain you smoked. Some strains have terpenes that relax you more than others, such as Myrcene and Linalool. Researchers are even considering these terpenes as herbal sedatives.

Couch lock can be enjoyable, but not in time-sensitive situations like at work. In that case, stimulate your mind and body with a sugary or caffeinated drink. You can also keep your mind busy with a fast-paced video game or movie.

Your Stash

You’ve made a lot of effort to hide your high. The last thing you’d want is something as obvious as your weed stash to ruin all your efforts. 

Before welcoming company, make sure to hide your buds in a cool, dry, and secluded area. It’s best to stash your weed at home in air-tight containers or sealed bags. 


Being high can be awesome, but it’s often better to keep it under wraps. Whether you’re visiting family or at work, there are some cases in which acting high can be a catastrophe. Use our tips to cover up your stoned look and get through your meeting without getting caught.

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