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How to Make a Sploof

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While it may be hard to believe, not everyone can bask in the smell of freshly smoked cannabis. Whether you just do not like the smell or you are not sure how cool your neighbors are, a sploof is a useful tool in hiding the smell of smoke.

Making a sploof is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and one of the easiest ways to remain incognito while smoking indoors.

What is a sploof?

Technically speaking, a sploof is an open-ended cylindrical object that filters exhaled cannabis smoke through breathable materials. As you exhale smoke, you place your mouth on one end and exhale through the tube to filter out smoke and odor particles. This eliminates the vast majority of the aroma and the air is left smelling fresh.

Many homemade sploofs use dryer sheets to freshen and filter the smoke, while commercially made versions often use HEPA filters. If you want a long-lasting filtration method, buying a sploof at your local headshop may be the move for you.

On the other hand, if you do not want to spend the money or you would like something disposable, a homemade sploof is always a great option.

When to use a sploof

There are many obvious, and some not-so-obvious, occasions where having a sploof handy is a great idea.

Perhaps the most common reason is to simply not get caught. Whether you live in a place where cannabis is legal or not, there is still often a stigma that surrounds smoking. The last thing you want while enjoying your weed is to be paranoid about the eyes (and noses) that may be lurking down the hallway.

Another reason might be that you are a courteous smoker. For example, you may be traveling in hotels or staying at a friend’s house who does not smoke and want to be considerate of your surroundings.

Whatever the occasion, having a sploof at the ready is an effective way to smoke unnoticed. Stay prepared by making your own sploof at home. It is incredibly easy to do and you probably have everything you need already in your home.

Sploof supplies

You can create a sploof by using a variety of household materials. What materials you decide to use depends on your budget, filtration requirements, and the desired lifetime of your sploof.

All sploofs function using essentially the same method: stuff a solid open-ended tube with perforated materials. The filtering material is the crucial element of the sploof, as this is what traps and freshens the cannabis aromas.

Dryer sheets are the most commonly used filtration method, but if you want a more durable option, consider searching for some activated charcoal or an air filter. The bonus of using dryer sheets is that they are usually scented for an added touch of freshness.

The next object needed is the tube. For a sturdy sploof foundation, a plastic bottle is a convenient option. However, toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls are a popular choice as well. No matter what materials you ultimately decide to use, all homemade sploofs need the following materials:

  • Cardboard toilet paper roll, paper towel roll, or plastic bottle
  • Scissors or a sharp knife
  • A rubber band, string, or tape
  • Dryer sheets (scented or unscented), activated charcoal, or filter of choice

Dryer sheet sploof

Dryer sheet sploof

Once you have the supplies assembled, it is time to build. The following instructions will help you construct this nifty anti-smell device.

Step #1: Get the tube ready

The details of this step will entirely depend on whether you selected a plastic bottle, a toilet paper roll, or paper towel roll.

If you elected to use a plastic bottle, use your knife or pair of scissors to cut off the top of the bottle, so it has a wide opening at the top. Next, use your knife or scissors to slice some holes into the bottom.

Make sure the holes are neither too small nor too wide. It is best to start with small holes, then widen them slightly if you test-run your gadget and find that the airflow is not as it should be.

If you selected a toilet paper roll, then this stage simply entails removing any leftover bits of toilet paper on the cardboard core. If you picked a paper towel roll, then you do not have anything to do during this stage. It is worth noting that a paper towel roll is a better tube to use because it is bigger and longer. This provides more surface to stuff those scented dryer sheets in which will deodorize the weed more completely.

Step #2: Pack the tube with dryer sheets

This is perhaps the most important step when making a sploof. Stuff a single sheet of dryer paper at a time into your tube. Pack the dry sheets loosely, but effectively so that there are not any large gaps inside.

Either scented or unscented will work here but use scented if you have them. The purpose of using scented dryer sheets is to better tame and mask the weed smell. You want the smoke to go through as many of these scented sheets as possible.

Step #3: Cover the top

Now we come to what is pretty much the final step of how to make a sploof. All that is left to do is take one scented dryer sheet, fold it in half, then place it over the opening of the tube or toilet paper roll opposite of where you plan to put your mouth on. Secure this sheet on the tube or roll using the rubber band or string. Your sploof is now ready to use.

Using activated charcoal

Using activated charcoal

If you want a sploof that is more efficient at getting rid of the weed smell, then you may need to learn how to make an activated charcoal sploof.

Also known as activated carbon, this absorbent compound is porous, and even a tiny piece can have a surface area of thousands of square inches which essentially makes it nature’s filter. Follow the steps below to learn how to make a sploof using activated charcoal.

Step #1: Assemble your supplies

Activated charcoal is not a common household item. Most likely you will need to go out and get some. Luckily, it is becoming more common to find in stores.

Petsmart has activated carbon available. It is important to note that you want to find chunks of carbon rather than powder because the powder will make a huge mess when you breathe through the sploof.

Step #2: Prepare bottle, tube, or roll

Same as mentioned earlier. If you are using a plastic bottle then cut off an opening and then make holes into the bottom of the bottle. Skip this if you are using a paper towel or toilet paper tube.

Step #3: Contain the charcoal

For this step, you will need a dryer sheet. Fold it, then insert it at the end of the pipe. That will be the bottom of your sploof. Perform this step regardless of the material of the tube that you are using. The dryer sheet is optional, but it is a good idea to include it because it prevents the smaller activated charcoal particles from making a mess.

Next, put a folded in half dryer sheet over the end of the tube and secure it with a rubber band or tape. Make sure it is in fact secure or else it will fall apart when the charcoal goes in. Skip this if you are using a plastic bottle.

Step #4: Put the charcoal inside

Do not fill it to the brim. Instead, fill it to about a three-quarter level and no more. If you noticed that your activated charcoal is dusty, run some water over it and let it completely dry before using it.

Step #5: Cover the charcoal

You will need to use a dryer sheet or two for this step. Fold or cut the dryer sheets into pieces that can fit neatly into the tube or bottle, covering the charcoal.

Two or three layers should be sufficient. This step is mainly to prevent your mouth from coming into contact with the activated charcoal as you exhale into the sploof. There is no harm in the charcoal touching your lips, but it could throw off the taste of that dank weed.

Step #6: Test your sploof

Now is the time to spark some weed and test out your new invention. Exhale your hit into the open end of the sploof. As soon as you are finished exhaling your hit, cover the top of the sploof with the palm of your hand to avoid unfiltered smoke to leak out. Then just wait to let the activated charcoal do its magic.

You will be able to see whether the holes on the bottom are an appropriate size. If the smoke is coming out at a very slow rate, then it might be best to widen the holes a little. This will help with the pressure difference between the interior and the exterior of the sploof as it pulls the weed smoke through the activated charcoal and out through the holes.

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