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Eco-friendly Smoking: What Is Hemp Wick Used for?

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Are you looking to spice up your weed sessions with something a bit old-school but eco-friendly? Hemp wick is what you need! 

The hemp wick is a twine made of hemp fibers, serving as a natural alternative to matches and lighters for lighting joints, pipes, and bongs. It has a beeswax coating, similar to a candlestick, which helps the twine burn slowly. This means you can get high for as long as you want without any disruption. 

Hemp wick gives off a more natural and flavorful taste of the smoking material — something that butane lighters and matches fail to offer. However, to enjoy hemp wick’s full flavor and duration, you must know how to light it the right way. 

If you’re an amateur, this guide will help you learn all about this natural, relatively healthier method of smoking joints. So, let’s dive in!

Uses of Hemp Wick

A hemp wick is a thin string coated in beeswax used for environmentally-friendly pot sessions. It’s helpful when you have a strong urge to get high but want the Earth to stay sober (quite literally). Compared to traditional matches and lighters, the hemp wick produces less harmful byproducts and cleaner smoke. 

This method also offers a more manageable flame, used to lighten the following things:

  • Pipes
  • Bongs
  • Joints
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Woods for camping

Unlike its counterparts, the hemp wick also doesn’t contain flavor contamination, a common issue that spoils smoking sessions. As a result, you can have a purer, more full-of-flavor taste of butane with the hemp wick. 

What’s So Special About Hemp Wick?

What’s So Special About Hemp Wick

So, hemp wick is more natural and eco-friendly than traditional lighters and matches. But what exactly makes this option so unique? 

For many weed smokers, it’s the hemp wick’s ability to burn at a lower temperature than the conventional lighters. As a result, it gives the real flavor of tobacco and other components you’re smoking in. 

Some smokers also love how convenient to use and carry the hemp wick is. Let’s get into more detail about its benefits.

No Additional Chemicals Involved

The hemp wick is completely natural, containing only natural beeswax and hemp. So, you’re practically lighting your herb using a herb. It ensures a pot session that doesn’t include the unwanted taste of additional harmful chemicals. 

If you’re a cigar smoker, you’d know how significantly butane lighters alter the taste of stogie. It mixes the flavor of sulfur or butane gas with the original taste of the herb, ruining the entire smoking experience. 

Also, you have to relight a cigar multiple times during a smoking session, increasing the chances of this mix-up even more. While many cigar users opt for cedar pills to avoid this, you can try using a hemp wick. It doesn’t produce harmful byproducts, so no contaminants pass into your herb, and hence, the flavor doesn’t get altered.

Optimal Burning Temperature

The butane in the matches and lighters burns at a higher temperature than natural materials like hemp. Unfortunately, it destroys the cannabinoids in the weed, the components responsible for making you high. With this, the high temperature also affects the terpenes, the flavorful parts of the herb. 

Comparatively, the hemp wick’s smoke isn’t too hot. This organic component burns at an optimal burning temperature that isn’t harmful to your lungs, leading to no coughing and a stronger and more flavorful taste. 

The hemp wick’s slow-burning ability gives you more control over lighting your herbs. This way, you don’t end up burning your thumb and the herbs in just a single hit. It ensures safer and longer-lasting smoking sessions at your convenience. 

A Better High

The low burning temperature of the hemp wick preserves the natural aroma of the herbs. But apart from that, hemp also interacts with the THC and CBD of marijuana to produce an overall better high. It also provides more effective medicinal benefits.

Since the hemp wick has a beeswax coating, it gives off an original fragrance similar to a beeswax candle. So you will have a more effective and comprehensive smoking experience.


Hemp wick is super affordable. One twine is typically very long, about 20 inches in length, and burns at a very slow pace. So, you can reuse one wick multiple times without rushing to the market repeatedly. 

Hemp wicks last longer than their counterparts, putting a lighter dent in your monthly budget. 

Convenient to Use

Hemp wick is very easy to use. You can cut off a little piece of the wick, relight it, and reuse it no matter where you are. 

The hemp wick’s beeswax also makes it quite malleable to mold in different shapes. As a result, it is also quite convenient to wrap around the typical butane lighters for a better smoking experience. 

The hemp wick also makes the smoking sessions convenient. Since the wick is quite long, you won’t have to relight the flower repeatedly. Just put the flame on the wick, leave it burning like a candle, and use it whenever you want. 

How to Use Hemp Wick?

Using a hemp wick is simple. Just light up the wick’s one end and use it to ignite the herb or flower you want to smoke. Here is how you can use it to yield the best effects of your smoking material:

Step 1: Unfold the Twine

Hemp comes in large rolls of up to 700 or 800 feet. You can’t use it entirely in one sitting, so carefully unfold one wick and peel its tape to access the burning end. You can also keep additional twine around your bowl or lighter to never run out of the material.

Put the remaining roll in a clean place so the dust particles don’t stick to its beeswax. 

Step 2: Light the Wick’s Tip

Hold the sticking end of the wick in your hand and keep the freed part away from the wind or your personal items. Then, light its tip with a match or a lighter. The wick will start burning as it touches the flame. 

Hemp wicks take some time to burn completely. So, wait sometime when lighting your twine to let the flame become even. 

Step 3: Ignite Your Smoking Material

Once the wick seems well-lit, use it to ignite the cannabis as you do with a lighter. Surprisingly, the hemp wick doesn’t flop down like a normal string. Instead, it can retain its shape when you’re holding it to light your smoking equipment. 

For instance, if you’re smoking a joint, use the hemp wick to light the roll’s twisted end and inhale from the other end. Similarly, when using a pipe or bong, bring the burning hemp wick close to the pot’s bowl and inhale. 

Step 4: Extinguish the Used Wick

Lastly, dip the hemp wick in a water bowl to extinguish it after you’re done smoking. You can also put the fire out by pressing it with wet fingers. Once completely dried and cooled down, wrap it and store it with the hemp bundle. 


Hemp wick is a natural, flavorful, eco-friendly alternative to butane lighters and matches. It is used to lighten different materials, including candles, pipes, bongs, joints, incense, and more. 

Hemp wicks don’t produce harmful smoke and byproducts, ensuring no artificial contaminants pass into your smoking material. This way, you get an overall better high with the hit of the right flavors. They are also longer-lasting and more budget-friendly. 

So, what are you waiting for? Make your smoking sessions more intense with hemp wicks today!

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